I Love Libraries!

As I have mentioned many times before here on my blog and to anyone who will listen, I think libraries are one of mankind's finest inventions. Libraries and bicycles (but that's a topic for another page)! They are capsules of human potential, repositories of what has been and what is yet to be. They are a simmering stew of ideas; tacit testaments to human innovation... and folly. As someone who loves learning and culture, community building and resource sharing, libraries are the place to be and the place for me.

This page is my ongoing love-letter to libraries. I hope it encourages you to utilize your own public, academic, or special library. They are gifts.

But first: 14 Things Everyone Gets Wrong About Librarians

Libraries as Tourist Destinations

Something I enjoy doing when traveling, is to visit local libraries if I have the time. Library buildings are often great testaments to architecture. Even if you visit a small, public library or branch, you will gain a greater understanding of local culture than you might otherwise gain by visiting the more popular tourist attractions. Often, library outreach programming will display art by local artists or have displays that educate patrons on the history of the area. Libraries are also very innovative with their programming and you may find that you have arrived in the town just in time for an interesting speaker or presentation, a reading by an author, or a free program for your children to enjoy.

In fact, when traveling with children, a library is often a great respite from the usual itinerary. No, you won't be taking any books with you, but exploring the library itself is always fun and sitting down for puzzles or games or a few stories might be just the break the younger set needs. Teens, too, might find Maker stations, magazines, or video games. Yes, your vacation may be a break from screen time, and I totally get that. But if you've had days of sightseeing and a lot of face time, teens might enjoy checking out a game they don't have at home.

Here are two libraries that are definitely on my list. And I am not the only one who likes to visit libraries when traveling. Links that follow my picks are some fun lists of libraries that some feel are not to be missed!

Bodleian Library, Oxford University, Oxford England 


Library of Congress, Washington D.C., United States

Libraries You Have to See Before You Die

62 of the World's Most Beautiful Libraries

My Pinterest Page with Lots of Library Eye-Candy
"My Heart Beats Faster in a Library"

For Those Working in or Considering a Career in Libraries

Perhaps you, like me, love libraries so much that you work or could imagine working in a library someday. Over time, I would like to develop this page to contain useful resources for those interested in the field of Library Science or Library Information Technology.

The program I am currently involved in is one that I can recommend if you have an interest in Library Information Technology. I am fortunate enough to live in the Twin Cities area and connect with the faculty in-person at Minneapolis Community and Technical College which offers this program. But the program is available to anyone, anywhere as it is all completed online. The faculty continue to be excited about and develop the program and are regularly looking for ways to promote and advocate for their graduates. Check out this link if you are interested!

Library Information Technology Program at MCTC

American Library Association

American Libraries Magazine

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