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Hi! I'm Nicole. I hail from the beautiful state of Minnesota and I love to write. I don't write fiction, but I have stacks of journals going back to my teen years, files of hand-written letters, and packets of poetry. When I discovered blogs back in 2006 I was immediately enamored with them and it didn't take me long to jump in and establish my own little home on the web.

And it really is like a little home away from home. My blog, like my own home, gets updated and changed around and redecorated from time to time. There are new things I discover all the time that I like to add here and there to make things pretty for me - and for you. I'm all about the pretty, for sure!

I have mused on the why of blogging: why I still do it, why I enjoy writing it, and why I enjoy reading others'. I have not come to any concrete answers other than that it's the way God has wired me. I process through writing. I communicate through writing. I even pray through writing. That blogging exists and allows me to connect with others around the world through my writing is like a gift. Like so many others who maintain their own blogs, I have been blessed to get to know people from around the world and to have a view into other lives and cultures that I would never have otherwise. I also know and have access to people who share in many of the same passions I enjoy in life and like to write about here from time to time.

For a while I thought my blog should have one particular focus. And I suppose, if you are someone who wants to create a blog for a career, that is a very good idea. I'm keen to branding, but have found that that is not the kind of blog for me. The writing I do here is as organic as my life, ever changing and moving. There are topics, of course, that are close to my heart that crop up here time and again and everything I think and do is filtered through the lens through which I see the world and my life. That lens is Christ. The topics I explore through this lens on this blog include, but are not limited to:

  • Simple living
  • Minimalism
  • My Low-Waste/Zero Waste Journey
  • Creation Care
  • Art & Creativity
  • Thrifted Fashion
Older topics I covered on this blog from years past were homeschooling and raising my family at home on a one-income budget. I have not taken the time to comb through all of my old posts, but if you are in that stage of life and if you are interested, the archives are still there and the topics are listed in the word cloud in the margin. The last time I took a look at the REALLY old posts, I found that many of the photographs were no longer visible, as they were hosted by Flickr or Photobucket, neither of which I am using today.

But the words remain. Mostly for myself, honestly, if I ever desire a trip down memory lane.

In the meantime, I continue onward through the new seasons of life that lie ahead which still includes life with my family at home (now two young adult girls working and saving for places of their own), work outside my home, and one smart and happy pup, Seiji, who loves to come to work with me.

So, that's me and that's here in a nutshell. I'm glad, as always, that you have stopped by and I hope you'll pay me more visits from time to time. Until then,

"The LORD bless you and keep you;
The LORD make His face shine upon you,
And be gracious to you;
The LORD lift up His countenance upon you,
And give you peace."

~ Numbers 6:24-26

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