Monday, April 1, 2019

I'm Doing #The100DayProject

I am excited about and getting ready for #the100dayproject which begins tomorrow, April 2. I know I am repeating myself when I say that I try to participate in challenges and repeatedly fail. In fact, the only one I think I have actually completed is the Minimalist Game that I did in February.

So...maybe I'm on a roll, right? 🙄 And what's 100 days?

Well, it's July 11, actually. 😂

Ah, well. No harm in trying.

So, my project this year is going to be #100sketchbookdays

My parameters are wide; I just need to work in my sketchbook every day: beginning, middle, or end of a sketch. I don't need to complete it and I am not choosing what to sketch ahead of time.

I expect that if I do complete the challenge, my work will be in more than one sketchbook and I'm just fine with that. I am not looking to complete a standalone project that encapsulates the work I will do. Instead, I am in search of 3 things: speed, fluidity, and an emerging style.

This is a sketch of my younger daughter, Eve, with Seiji. I have already begun painting this with gouache and I have realized already that trying to paint people I know will be way too time consuming for my project. I feel much freer, artistically, painting strangers, because I let go of a desire for accuracy and instead let my inspiration take the lead.

I'll be sharing some of my progress here. Daily updates will be on my Instagram:

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