Friday, April 1, 2016

So Much in April ~ Who Knew?

Things are greening up nicely around here despite the regular, roller-coaster springtime temperatures. We've successfully made it through another winter, though, and we're all feeling that seasonal shift.

So, Project 333 is done for the winter season for me and I really enjoyed it! The best part was using my clothes in new combinations that I never would have thought of before. I am finding, however, that this transition time is really hard, because - especially here in Minnesota - the temps swing so wildly that I am overlapping wardrobes. Spring and winter are in my closet right now and I'm just fine with that. If I want a sweater, I want a sweater and I'm not going to dig it out of storage. So, I'm not continuing at the moment with Project333. It was a fun experiment and if I choose to go back to it I will. I have lots of other things I'm thinking about and working on, though, as you'll soon see!

That said, I am sticking to my goal of all second-hand clothing this year and it's going very well in spite of suddenly needing to enhance my wardrobe with clothing for my new job. ! On Monday I will begin working at the beautiful public library in Hudson, Wisconsin, just over and on the banks of the Saint Croix River from my home in Minnesota.

Starting a new job is a big enough adjustment in and of itself. But I seem to have "go big or go home" tendencies. So, why not...

- train with my sister for a half marathon in October?

- participate in #30daysofbiking and get on my bike every day in the month of April? It's an international movement - you can too! Incidentally, I think I'm failing today; dh just left for a game night at church and this shortie can't get her bike out of the rafters in the garage by herself. No worries. I'm not one to let a few misses make me throw in the towel. Tomorrow, with its projected unseasonably cool temps and potential snowflakes will be perfect for a spin around the block. :P

- celebrate National Library Week (but everyone does that, right?!)

- finish sewing a dress for my graduation in May (I'm making the sleeveless, flared version)

- finish knitting a shawl to go with said dress for graduation in May

- attempt to read the ridiculously long book, Fall of Giants by Ken Follett (I can renew three times from my library before I have to check it out again. That's nine weeks! Can I do it???)

These are some of the things keeping me busy this April. How about you?
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