Monday, December 28, 2015

Winter 2016 Capsule Wardrobe

Who knew that trying to create a capsule wardrobe could take all day? Well, it has taken just about that, but I am done now and here are the results for my Project 333 undertaking:

Aaaaand... it's 32 items pictured here. Lol. I am NOT going to try to figure out which thing is missing; I am just going with this for now. You get the idea! :)

I have been a long-time proponent of voluntary simplicity and have written here about my own attempts at living lightly over the years (hence the name of my blog). So, when I started hearing more about capsule wardrobes, I was intrigued.

The idea of a capsule wardrobe has been niggling at my brain for at least the last 18 months or so. Jennifer Scott writes about it on her blog and in her books. There is plenty of capsule wardrobe information on Pinterest and on the internet in general and I have also watched a number of YouTubers discussing and sharing their capsule wardrobes.

I love clothes. I love the way they can make you feel and the things you can say with your clothing. But, as I mentioned in my prior post, I am not alone in my love for clothing and we here on planet Earth have developed a pretty big problem with the amount of waste that our excessive production of clothing (as well as many, many other things!) has produced. As with most things, it is best to practice moderation.

I thought that I already had a pretty small wardrobe, so I wasn't going to try making it any smaller. But then I started counting my things and they added up surprisingly quickly!


This is my half of the closet I share with my husband. It's more like 3/4; he takes up less room! This is nearly everything I have except for a partially filled bin with some summer clothes and pajamas. But upon beginning to count my things, I decided that Project 333 might be the starting place for me to begin to minimize my wardrobe and make it into something that has fewer things, but more of what I actually love. I don't know that the clothes that I have selected are just that, but they are a place to start.

I'm not going to end up doing the project quite as strictly as the rules say, but it is a beginning. I have selected 33 items which include my shoes. These 33 items are to be my working wardrobe for 3 months - a season, hence the "333." Now, with the original project rules, you are supposed to include jewelry, outer wear and accessories in your 33 count, but I am just not there yet and I may never be. I have about a dozen scarves and a collection of jewelry that I weeded out this past spring. I plan to use these pieces to add color and variety to my very neutral wardrobe. Maybe I will find I am not using them. As I learn, I will let things go, but I a not going to do that in one fell swoop.

I also have two winter coats and a pair of outdoor boots, shawls, and scarves and hats that I have knit. I won't be giving those things up. Knitting is one of my passions and this is about joy, not deprivation. I did, however, get the items down to those you see at the beginning of the post.

Undergarments, pajamas, and workout clothes do not count toward your count. I don't know if tights would have counted in the original project, but I have 4 pair: black, brown, navy blue, and gray and I am not counting them, just as I am not counting my socks.

So, from the work I did today, I had these to donate:

these to store:

and this is the final closet:

I covered up the shoe rack in the picture, because I am just leaving the other shoes on the shelf to be considered when spring rolls around (I won't leave the towel there; it's just for the picture!). Courtney Carver suggests you box and tape things up and while I would like that affect visually, I don't want to move my shoes to another part of the house right now. Hopefully, this exercise will show me just what I really need and use and the shoe shelf itself can be minimized. For now, it's staying. I plan to take this wardrobe to the end of March and then transition to a spring wardrobe.

I can say I almost did not finish this set up. The first part of the exercise was easy; I had favorite pieces and I knew how I wore them. But the fewer choices that remained, the harder things got! I have a couple of things put away right now that I didn't want to have to choose and there are a couple of things I kept in that I'm not sure about either. But we shall see!

I like being pushed to be creative with what I have and see how much I can enjoy my things. I think for this first quarter, I will post an outfit-of-the-day with the #Project333 on Instagram and I'll try to post a weekly round-up here. Also, I may be on the lookout for a pair of new-to-me brown boots. As I mentioned, I am purchasing all second-hand this year, so it may take a while. I love the brown boots I have, which were bought 4 years ago at a thrift store, but they are wearing out in areas. They are not leather (which, being vegetarian, I prefer that they are not) and some of the vinyl has peeled away in areas. I did find this post on repairing peeling vinyl boots, so I'm going to give it a try first and see if they end up looking acceptable to me.

My goal is to try this throughout the year, though I'm going to check in with myself at the end of each season and see if and how I want to continue. Well, that's it for today. Thanks for stopping by! :)

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