Monday, June 1, 2015

Imagining June 2015::A Month Map

Oh, this is going to be fun!

Summer break is here, though it's still very much spring in these parts: kind of cool and lots of rain! May was a wet one this year; we'll have to see what June brings.

In Internet Land, June brings Daisy Yellow's, "Index Card a Day (ICAD)" challenge. This will be my first year participating and I am excited! As I mentioned in this post, knitting has been planned, dyeing has been planned, fermenting food has been planned, but creating a little piece of art on an index card a day was not planned! I'm sure there are many of you for whom doing just that was planned as this is the fourth year of ICAD. But, somehow it has escaped my attention in the past. Perhaps because last summer I was taking a class. This year, I say, why not? The "create" button seems to have been pressed and I'm just going to ride this train as far as it will take me.

And why not add stitching to the mix too?

I haven't done a cross stitch in ages. Molly at "A Homespun House" shared this set of patterns she had been working on and I just loved the whole set! It's by Wee Wonderfuls and is an inexpensive little download. As I mentioned in this post, I have plenty of embroidery thread that I inherited from my grandmother, so I've only had to purchase the pattern and the fabric. So fun and instantly gratifying with all the colors to play with! The picture forms so quickly on these small projects. I'm planning to hang it in my little craft space when I am done with it. I think I'll find spots for the other patterns around my kitchen.

And speaking of the kitchen, I also bought these amazing, little embroidery patterns from the same shop: Kitchen Gnomes!!! I LOVE gnomes. Gosh, put a pointy hat on anything and I just adore it!

Before I get ahead of myself though, let's see how I did in May.

  • As much as possible, choose to bike or walk over using the car (my car-free week may have to happen in June; I already have commitments that will take me beyond public transit this month)
  • Purchase a bus pass
  • Finish final projects for school and OFF for the summer - yay!
  • Finish our home school year! ~ Only two remain... 
  • Sabbatical from Facebook
  • Visit the MN Landscape Arboretum for a picnic under the flowering crab apple trees!
  • Clean out the van - Oops. Missed this one. Gee, and it seemed so fun too; how could I have overlooked it? ;)
  • Celebrate and enjoy Mother's Day
  • Date Night - Too much garden and other springtime spending for this one, though we have taken some nice walks together.
  • Continue cooking from my cookbooks
  • Participate in home school co-op book sale
  • Write at least one letter - Nope. Missed this too. I'm adding it to June!
  • Prepare list for and attend the annual Friends Plant Sale!
  • LOTS of gardening!
    • Plant pansies in the front bed for springtime cheer; replace with summer annuals later
    • Extend flower bed around vegetable garden
    • Plant annuals around base of front bird feeder and along yard edges where grass is not growing
    • Plant veggies
    • Fill flower baskets on deck

Well yes! Things have been quite busy and productive; thank you for asking!

Now that much of the gardens are in order, I can just work on keeping up with the weeds and move on to other plans for June:

  • Participate in ICAD
  • Get at least 6 inches knit on my sweater, so that I can buy this pattern that will use up a lot of my yarn leftovers (I have to force some restraint on myself, so I don't get carried away! It's just that my sweater is straight stockinette in navy blue and I need something with COLOR)
  • Finish my wee cross stitch
  • Begin work on embroidery
  • Clean the van (whoopee! See what happens when you didn't get it done last month?)
  • Host a friend of the girls for a week
  • Attend grad parties
  • Frugal date night (saving our pennies for vacation!)
  • Improve upon sour dough bread (the first loaves were reminiscent of my first whole wheat bread attempts years ago: very nice door stops)
  • Learn to make kombucha (now or in July?)
  • Make some dollhouse food and furniture with niece
  • Continue: biking, yoga, running, studying Spanish, cooking from my cookbooks
  • Also continue: spring cleaning/purging/giving things away, blogging, and searching for a new church home
  • Read a book - this will slow down with all the crafting, but I think I can manage at least one
  • Write a letter
  • Don't forget to RELAX
AND that's a wrap! This should definitely keep things interesting. I always take June off from thinking at all about homeschooling plans for next year. It's my mental break; I'll tackle that in July.

I'm feeling really good about all of this as we head into "official" summer. What are your summer plans? If you're in the southern hemisphere, you must be thinking of lots of indoor activities to get you through the winter. Wherever you are, welcome to June and all that it brings. Don't forget to enjoy this life God gave you ~ have a blessed month!

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