Monday, June 29, 2015

Falling Behind!

Hello Friends! I thought I'd better throw this speedy post out there before I fall any further behind in this space! My Dottie Angel frock is actually almost done! I should be putting the finishing touches on it this morning.

I head kitty-corner across the street to my friend, Kim's, house where she - expert sewer - has everything waiting on her great great grandmother's dining room table and we work.

We sip our coffee or tea, munch on sourdough toast I brought with jam from her son-in-law's farm stand, or snack on bowls of summer fruit to sustain us in our arduous task! :) She is fostering a Boston terrier/chihuahua mix named Chino that her own chihuahua, Bambi, tolerates. They click around on the floor underneath us, watching us as we work. And - here's the funniest thing - she has a little finch that flies freely in the house. He... (she?)... collects all of our thread. We just let our trimmings float to the floor and little birdie is there thanking us moments later. He picks up the thread and is off. He has quite the collection of nesting material in a basket in the bathroom!

I am falling behind here, though, because I have had such a surge of creative...output. I guess you could call it that. It's like everything was dammed up while I was in school and now it is a bit of a raging river.

I keep getting new ideas for projects! Every time a new idea comes, I feel a bit desperate, because I know that the new school year is just around the corner. So I am trying to go for it and do as much as I can.

I changed the fabric on our dining room chairs. This pattern was stained. It looked better in our Florida home, but the new, floral pattern works so nicely in our northern cottage.

This photo doesn't show the color very well, but I just don't have time to color correct at the moment (have to get to sewing soon!).

This is one of the last photos of our Luna. I didn't say anything here... we have been so bowled over by the loss of 3 pets in 9 weeks. This is another reason I have not been here. I don't like to bring too many sad tales to this place. It's not that I don't wish to tell the truth. Frankly, it's that I don't like having to relive it in the telling.

But there she is, in one of her favorite spots - any of the chairs under the table. She loved to be tucked in under her little "cave." And whichever chair she was on during meals, she would just sit up next to the person trying to sit in the chair and check out whatever it was we were eating. She never got on the table or messed with the food, she was always just curious. I do miss her.

It's our first year of a bountiful strawberry harvest and that has been keeping me busy as well. I don't know how the rest of the summer weather will fare, but June has been about as perfect as it could be this year! The rains have arrived every few days with flawless timing. I think I've watered the garden twice all season so far other than little bits when I put in a new row of radishes or something like that. The lawns throughout he neighborhoods are green, green, green! Often by this time of year, you can tell those who aren't watering their grass (we're included) by the patchy nature of the yellow vs. green lawns. But this year, so far, we all match!

Eve enjoyed some strawberry shortcake while hanging outside with her bunny, Maple.

Then the lush green, shady spot was just too much and everyone joined in. You can see Maia's kitty, Tessa, just to the left of Maia's head. She's camouflaged, but she is always in on the action as you can tell from the various photos (strawberries, above, and checking out Maple in her cage when we first brought her out, below).

I'm off! I have more crafty ideas for the week ahead, so I'd best get to them! Hopefully I'll have some time to check in here on Wednesday to share some of the goings-on. I hope you are enjoying your summer too and keeping cozy if you're in the southern hemisphere. We like it cozy here. Yes, we're all about the cozy. Have a terrific day! :)

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