Friday, May 1, 2015

Imagining May 2015 :: A Month Map

Welcome, welcome, May!

From my journal this morning:

It's lovely, lovely May Day and the day is starting out promising. The birds have been singing since before the sun rose. My narcissus are beginning to bloom and my tulips are in bud. One or two of those will open any day now. The little violets are blooming now too and the little curls of the lily-of-the-valley have appeared. This may be the most romantic month of the year in this part of the world. Autumn is all flamboyant elegance and fire; spring is frill and lace.

Hello friends, and a very Happy May Day to you! Oh, I love this day and this month! I have many things to attend to and look forward to this month, but before I share those, I want to check in with how things went in April.

Oddly enough, April around here was actually chillier and grayer, I think (without actually checking weather statistics), than March this year. Spring is always tricky. We seem to fool ourselves into thinking that the weather is going to follow a particular arc with the apex crescendo heralding summer: "Ta da!" Not so in real life though. April - weather and otherwise - was a little more challenging than I'd expected or hoped for. But looking back over my hopes for the month, a lot of things still came to fruition:

Continue with Spanish studies

Continue seeking a church home  - Happily, I can report that I think we have found one. Still being patient with this, though, and prayerfully working it out.

Easter Sunday church and brunch with my sister and her family
Practice going to bed earlier by setting my alarm via "Happier" with Gretchen Rubin 

Date night   this was necessarily scrapped in favor of a family night out after the loss of our pet

Continue cooking from my cookbooks - Have done this with mixed results; I think only one recipe tried was greeted with any enthusiasm!

Write one letter
Make plans for week(s) without car (more on this in a future post!)

Two to three blog posts each week - I fell behind on this one. It was a rough month with the loss of our kitty and the weeks preceding that. Now I am at the end of the school year wrapping things up with our home school and my own final projects. It may be a few weeks yet before I can realistically get to this again.

Continue making connections with fellow bloggers - Similar situation as the notes above.

Keep running and yoga to at least 2x each every week  - I have been irregular with this as well, but that is because I have introduced biking into my exercise.

So, not too bad! :) You just never know what will happen in any given day. I rarely get disappointed if I don't reach particular goals. I think this is because I do reach a number of them and I would rather have something to aim for than nothing at all.

So, some thoughts and aspirations for the beautiful month of May:

  • As much as possible, choose to bike or walk over using the car (my car-free week may have to happen in June; I already have commitments that will take me beyond public transit this month)
  • Purchase a bus pass
  • Finish final projects for school and OFF for the summer - yay!
  • Finish our home school year! ~ Only two remain... 
  • Sabbatical from Facebook
  • Visit the MN Landscape Arboretum for a picnic under the flowering crab apple trees!
  • Clean out the van
  • Celebrate and enjoy Mother's Day
  • Date Night
  • Continue cooking from my cookbooks
  • Participate in home school co-op book sale
  • Write at least one letter
  • Prepare list for and attend the annual Friends Plant Sale!
  • LOTS of gardening!
    • Plant pansies in the front bed for springtime cheer; replace with summer annuals later
    • Extend flower bed around vegetable garden
    • Plant annuals around base of front bird feeder and along yard edges where grass is not growing
    • Plant veggies
    • Fill flower baskets on deck
 Well, I think that is enough speculation for now! :) Have a lovely month of May!

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