Monday, March 9, 2015

Watching in March


Daylight Saving time is upon us! Aaaah! I LOVE Daylight Saving time. Being an early riser and lover of mornings, I am never bothered by the "loss" of the one hour. I love the extra-long light for the days. Our weather is matching the time change; we'll be in the 50's F all week here and even better, it is my spring break from school too! Rarely does the weather play nice with spring break around here, but it looks like this year it will relent.

Neighbors are already beginning to emerge from their cozy dens to walk dogs or just stroll about. Nobody is doing yard work yet - there's still a little bit of melting to go on - but I did see two men, at two separate locations, shoveling what was left of the snow in the shady parts of their yards, just to help the thaw along! :) I expect we'll still have some cold days and even a snow shower or two. I'm not trusting enough to bid farewell to winter completely. But this time of year at least it is safe to employ "solar shoveling" with the remaining snowfalls!

With spring in the air, I have just begun bringing out a few springtime decorations. I don't do too much rearranging of my tea cup shelf in the dining area of our kitchen, but I do like to change the top shelf to go with the seasons. I had some Valentine things up for last month and this month, I brought out my great-grandmother's serving dish, dated 1891 on the back! It's such a pretty, springtime color that will carry through perfectly into Easter. I should probably find some little flowers to put in the top containers next to the dish.

Although I have matched my home school calendar to my college calendar as far as spring break is concerned, Eve still has a few classes this week via our co-op involvement and music lessons. So, I'll still be driving quite a bit. But I'm really going to try to relax and do a few of the things I enjoy without having to squeeze them in: letter writing, reading for pleasure, watching a few foreign films, and taking in a little guilty pleasure, YouTube watching.

I watch a few YouTube videos every day, usually while I'm getting ready in the morning or when I'm folding clothes. With 77 channels (!!) I've subscribed to, I have plenty of choices to choose from! Even with all those channels, I really only watch less than an hour a day, generally, picking and choosing from videos that are under 15 minutes most of the time.

I like finding new content that is interesting to me... and now that Downton Abbey is over... you may be looking for something new too. Here are just a few that I like and I figure I'll share more in the future!

Book Riot

Probably the favorite of my favorites right now: Book Riot. Actually, Book Riot everything. :) They do great reviews, giveaways, and all kinds of things all over social media: YouTube, Goodreads, Facebook, Instagram, podcasts (yes, plural!), and Twitter. If you love books, you'll love Book Riot.

The Art Assignment


This is a new channel for me. I only just discovered it a few days ago. It's a PBS production that profiles an artist and his/her art. At the end, the artist challenges the viewer to make some art similar to that which the artist makes. Seems like this could be cool for home schooled students as well as those just looking to do something out of the box with our time. It could be fun for ideas for summer vacation too. I'm looking forward to seeing more of these!

Crash Course
And speaking of channels that would be good for school, I'm probably way behind the bandwagon on this one, because it's new to me too. This is a very cool channel that covers many topics in fun ways. From their channel "about" page:

Tons of awesome courses in one awesome channel: John Green teaches you World History 2; Hank Green teaches you Anatomy & Physiology; Phil Plait teaches you Astronomy; Craig Benzine teaches you U.S. Government and Politics.



I love watching Steve Dotto. He has been instrumental in helping me learn how to navigate my way around the productivity tools that are available for (mostly) free online. His specialties seem to be Google Apps and  Evernote, but he's always on the lookout for new tools and shares them with his viewers. I always learn something here and his thoughts have helped me make decisions about the kinds of apps I want in my life.

Do It On a Dime

Kathryn is all about organizing on a budget. She's a teacher and mother of one little boy who stars in a number of her videos. She also has a family vlog, but I mostly look at this channel, because she amazes me with her clever tips. Her videos are always brief, but chock full of great ideas!

Yoga Workout for the Ultimate Bikini Body|Class Fit Sugar

Finally, this is not a channel, but one video put out by Pop Sugar that I love doing again and again! This is a total body workout: 30 minutes of yoga that will get your heart racing and your arms super toned if you stick with it. Try it once and trust me, your arms will let you know that you've gotten their attention. I don't know (or care, really) about an ultimate bikini body, but it's a great, free workout nonetheless!

Well, that's it for today! Let me know if you try any of these channels and let me know what you think. And share with me your own favorite YouTube channels that you like in the comments below or on Facebook!

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