Monday, March 2, 2015

Imagining March:: A Month Map

Hooray for March! I think this month perhaps receives more adulation than it is due just because we are released from the grip of January and February. Even with bad weather this month we know we can at least say, "It won't be long now!" Spring is just around the corner.

It's no secret around here that I like setting goals. But I haven't always been one to set weekly or monthly goals. I'm actually trying to do more of that this year. I haven't made THAT a goal, but it's just something that I'm trying out as I go.

Inspired by Kimberly Wilson, I have begun making self-care lists in my journal/planner for every week. I have a regular list of to-do's for my life as do all of you, I am sure. Most of those to-do's are things I need to do for people other than just myself, from getting groceries to turning in school assignments. I always get those done. I am accountable. But, I have found, writing a list of little things to do for myself throughout the week helps me be accountable to me for some TLC or as I like to refer to it a la Parks and Recreation, my "Treat Yo Self" list.

I have other personal things I do, like working out, but that is more maintenance and work. I'm talking about the things that keep life interesting and sweet. So, every week I have a list with these:

New Recipe
Hot Bath
Fresh Flowers
Artist's Date (a la Julia Cameron)
Pen a Love Note (a la Kimberly Wilson)
Read for Inspiration

I may not check everything off that list, but it is a nice reminder to give it a try. I hope I get at least one week out of the year where I accomplish ALL these things! That will be a good week!

For March, I wrote down a few things I'd like to try to do this month too:

~ Continue to press hard with my Spanish studies

Spanish is all on my own time; I am not taking a class for this, so it's easy to let it slide. It's hard when it feels like you are only making incremental improvements, but I am not going to give up. I have wanted to speak with more fluency for too many years. I'm not going to get there without real work.

~ Plan our summer trip to Washington D.C./New York City

 Spring break is next week. I am going to be making some more detailed plans for our trip!

~ Write at least one letter

I continue in solidarity with the U.S. Postal System. :) My weekly love note (listed above) is just that: a note. It could be a card in the mail, an encouraging text, or friendly email. I prefer it to be pen and paper, but if I run out of time, I'll use digital means. But I also like to write longer letters to friends and I hope to do that this month - perhaps another spring break activity.

In thinking about letters, though, I have decided that my definition of "long" letter is shrinking. I find that I have given up on hand-written correspondence when I try to make my letters too long. The task becomes too daunting and though I like it, it is something I find I need to make too much space in my day for. When letters were the primary means of long-distance communication, they were shorter. Of course, people wrote more often back then too. But I feel like that is the way to go for me. I don't need to try to bring someone up-to-date on everything happening in my life. I just want to have a small conversation and just open a window between my world and theirs. I hope this will help me do more of this thing that I enjoy so much.

~ Attend 50th B'day Celebration Bash for my brother-in-law

~ Take advantage of a few new opportunities for connections at church

~ Date Night We don't have anything on the calendar yet, but I plan to remedy that this week! 

Goodness, it already seems crowded!

Do you have any interesting plans for this month in which glorious spring arrives? It feels very festive, doesn't it?

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