Friday, February 20, 2015

Planner/Journal Play for the Weekend

It's 4:56 pm on Friday as I begin my post, which means the weekend is upon us. Lovely weekend. Hopefully it will mean some r&r for you. That's not always the case, of course. Lots of errands get run on the weekends and I may have one or two tomorrow as well. But I have finished the majority of my coursework early this week and plan to find time for some fun.

This... THIS arrived today!!

I mentioned in this post that I was waiting for my planner that I got to custom-design (to be used as my new journal) from to arrive. I thought I was going to need to wait 3 weeks, but it has arrived much sooner than that - just one week to be exact! The timing is perfect, because the planner is actually dated to start this Sunday. I'll have time to do some decorating and setting things up just in time for the new week. good. :) I got to add a message on the first page with my personal info listed below. I included that wonderful quote from Flannery O'Connor, because it's my journal... and that's just how I feel.

We also have some impromptu plans for tomorrow that just popped up! I was curious to know if there was a calendar of local literary events in the Twin Cities, and of course there is. Actually there are a couple of them out there. I liked the Rain Taxi website and was able to link their literary calendar to my Google calendar so I can have a peek at upcoming bookish events whenever the urge strikes. Their page is sponsored by local booksellers, most of which I am not familiar with. I am such a library person that I don't often go to bookstores, though I love them. I would just be broke if I frequented them, so I don't (sad, but true). That said, I know they often have events and I do like to treat myself to a little something and lend the tiny bit of support that I can when I do manage to check out a bookseller. Maybe tomorrow will be the day, because I saw that there is an Open Mic event happening at Subtext Books on the corner of Selby and Western in St. Paul. Poetry, spoken-word, stand-up, music? Who knows what will be there, but it sounds like a fun, creative, and free event to check out at 4pm.

The Academy Awards are this weekend, but sorry Oscar, so is the Downton Abbey finale. I'll be tuning into PBS instead.

So what are your plans? Reading any good books? How about writing a letter or sending a postcard. There are still 8 days left of the Month of Letters and the new Chinese New Year/Lunar Calendar stamps have arrived. So pretty, if a little bit cryptic in design considering this is the Year of the Sheep/Goat/Ram.

Well, that's it, friends! Off to get the weekend off to a good start; I hope you enjoy yours as well!

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