Sunday, February 8, 2015

First Week February 2015 in Review

A full, morning Snow moon
A true-blue winter morning
Sunshine and feather frost
(the new recipe I tried this week)
A trip to Savers for treasure hunting...
...yields a couple new dresses 
(the one I'm wearing is a Banana Republic sweater dress)
and a brand new purse (at a thrift store price)!
Friday and Saturday IF:Gathering
that touched my heart and kind of
blew me away. I'm still processing.
So many new babies at IF:Gathering! Such a delight!
It's Sunday afternoon. Paul is playing worship music on his guitar in the room behind me. Eve is rummaging around the kitchen for something to eat after working up an appetite on her violin, and Maia is in her room... um... I don't know, probably creating something interesting. I don't always know what will happen when she goes into "the lab." 

I'm having a look at the week ahead, perusing recipes and figuring out this new week's balance of the lessons I need to learn and the lessons I need to teach. I generally like this time of the week... just a few hours before "Downton Abbey", my reward for a job well done. 

Mardi Gras is this week, so I'm looking for something I might make for that. Preparing Valentines will happen this week too. Since Valentine's Day falls on a Saturday this year, it's a great day for preparing a yummy brunch to share with your Valentines.

A note on the English Pea Salad: I made it with my homemade vegan mayo, sunflower seed sour cream, and Follow Your Heart Monterey Jack cheese. I also used frozen peas instead of canned for my family's sake, but, oddly enough, I ADORE canned peas and I think it would have been better with them. Canned peas may be the only canned veggies I like, outside of using canned tomatoes. I think they are just a kind of nostalgic comfort food to me. I like fresh and frozen peas too, but there's just something about the canned...

Anyway, I also felt that the recipe was a bit heavy on the dried basil, so if you try it, I would suggest adding the basil a teaspoon at a time to taste instead of adding 3 tablespoons all at once.

Well, that's it. Must get to my planning. Hope your weekend has been special and your week is getting off to a good start!

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