Monday, January 26, 2015

Itching to Write

Why is it that in the midst of classes - that I take and I teach - that I have this insatiable desire to get back here and write? And check out the stack of books. SOOO realistic that I'll get to all of those! And yet I come home with them from every trip to the library. And these are a lot of trips, friends. I just finished my volunteering position at the second library I was volunteering at weekly. But I'm still at one once-a-week for volunteering and I'm at studying at another while I wait for Eve to get out of a Culinary Arts class on Tuesdays. And I do study. I just study for the first hour and then "reward" myself with the last 20 minutes of browsing. That stack of books by my computer there isn't the whole of it. Nope. There's a stack of magazines downstairs. And that's next to the Spanish language books and workbooks. Yeah, I thought I'd try to improve my Spanish this year too.

And that's the thing.

I've been reading and listening and watching so many amazing things that I want to share them with you - or me - or whoever reads this blog from time to time. And I'm a record keeper at heart. Yes, I still have my paper journals that I keep. So, I don't really "need" an online record per se. But, I just want it still I guess. Obviously I must because my last post was in May and I still haven't pulled the plug here yet.

Notice the irony of that, by the way? May. When the majority of my work was done. I did take one class last summer, but seriously. I had WAY more time to write then than I do now. Whatever. The information is flowing in and I guess I need to let some of it out.

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