Thursday, January 29, 2015

Dreams for 2015

Hee, hee. Here it is, the 29th of January and I'm posting my goals for the new year! :) Do you have goals or resolutions for the new year? Did you pick a word of the year (I didn't pick a word, but instead a phrase, but that's for another post!)? If so, let's just call this a check-in to see how we're doing so far!

Here are the things I am aiming to incorporate into my life in 2015. There's a lot of fodder for future posts here, so I'll just keep this basic:

  • Practice mindfulness
  • Engage with my cooking to enjoy it more; try one new recipe a week
  • Continue eating reasonable serving sizes; allow myself time to feel full 
  • Cardio and yoga weekly
  • Practice Spanish daily - I want to be able to speak Spanish more confidently by the turn of the year
  • Memorize Scripture daily
  • Maintain cleaning zones
  • Detach from/release expectations
  • One date night a month with my honey
  • Take a trip to D.C./NYC
  • Finish knitting my navy blue sweater

These are my overarching goals for the year that I wrote in my paper journal closer to the beginning of the month! It should be good to have them here to refer back to and muse upon from time to time. I'm also practicing writing down shorter term goals by the month and the week that align with my annual goals. And these things don't entail everything either. For example, I continue to practice hospitality in our home, but I didn't make than a focused goal this year. These goals listed here are things that are newer or are deserving of newer attention and intention because they have, perhaps, been a part of my life, but have fallen by the wayside. Things like doing well in school go without saying and are simply a constant. So, what's new in your world this year? Are you trying something new? Learning something new? Do you have enough on your plate already that you just don't even want to think about another thing?? :) I have felt that way before too, but for me, setting goals or trying new things is what keeps life interesting and fun and gives me purpose and direction. I allow for serendipity, but I'm a planner at heart. That said, I'm not hard on myself if I don't achieve some of these things. For me, it's meant to be fun. Share your plans or thoughts for the year with me in the comments below or on Facebook. I'd love to hear what you are doing!

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