Tuesday, April 15, 2014

It's Not About the Snow...

... It's never been about the snow.

When I lived in Florida, people would ask me if I moved because of the snow. And my answer was always, "no."

I am actually okay with snow. I am pleased with it in the beginning of the season and I love to look at it - especially if I don't have to drive in it. Yes, it scares me to be on slippery, icy roads, but it also scared me to drive in blinding downpours that were a common occurrence during a Florida summer.

Generally, I like snow. And I'm fairly good at romancing the snow for the winter season. Winter is at the bottom of my season list, it is true, but I don't hate it. I think I used to, but I don't anymore. I have learned to appreciate it for what it is.

Most of the time, I don't even mind shoveling too much. Shoveling is no fun when you are in a hurry to get somewhere. It is also no fun when the snow is really wet. But most of the time it is okay. Most of the time, you don't get huge amounts and it is workable. But sometimes you do get dumped on and then you just have to deal.

No, it's not about the snow. But what it IS about is this. When the view above changes to the view below. When the snow is gone and the sun is shining. When the grass is greening and the strawberry plants are already beginning to take over the garden box. When the tulip leaves are emerging from the ground... it should NOT be 20 degrees outside.

THAT is what it's about and what it's always been about. No, it's not been 20 degrees for days. Yes, we've had delicious days in the 60's. But April always swings so! I want to stop dressing in layers! I want my house to stop feeling COLD. Yes, it is warmer and that means the heat doesn't come on as often. And my bedroom is in the basement and it's darn chilly down there. It has always been the length of the cold that has gotten to me. Today's high was 37. Next week promises to be warmer as April tends to do. But that's next week. I told my mom in a text message this morning that it was threatening to make me grumpy. This is the text message I got back:

"Don't give in to the GRUMP!"

Sage advice. I love my mom. :)

For the record, I did not give in to the grump. Instead I took pictures of the flowers we've got scattered around the house. And I wore a skirt with flowers and a spring green scarf. I wore my poppy red lipstick. And despite needing a jacket the sun was shining and it was a good day.

I'm hoping Easter Sunday will prove to be a nice day. I try to remind myself that 37 felt balmy just a few weeks ago. At least I know it won't snow. But it's never really been about that anyway. :)

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