Thursday, March 27, 2014

Things I Love Thursdays ~ First Edition

Let's try a new series, shall we? This one is fun. One thing I love is learning new things, so I often enjoy reading posts others share with links to new places and new ideas.

So, without further ado, here are some things I have really been enjoying of late:

 The SITS Girls. This is a wonderful blogging community where women share ideas and technical know-how for those of us who like to write and hit that "publish" button for fun or for profit. And speaking of learning, if you want tips on social media, photography, or anything else that goes into creating and maintaining a blog or website, you will learn a TON. And the people who frequent the place are supportive and helpful and just plain nice!

Tranquility du Jour Podcast by Kimberly Wilson: I have listened to Kimberly for years. She is a unique, intelligent, ambitious woman who seeks out other like-minded women and men to interview and share words of encouragement and inspiration. Wilson has an amazing talent for entrepreneurship and a consistency that has paid off for her in building a business that includes a clothing line, retreats, yoga studios, books, a foundation and more. Impressive... and inspirational stuff here. Check her out!

The Write Dudes Ultra Fine Gel Pens: No more black and blue in my journals! Give me color and a fine line for my words and doodles! The link is to ones at an online source; I got mine at Target.

The "French Cafe" channel on Pandora: Springtime is SLOW in coming around these parts. I channel my inner Paris while getting ready in the mornings, doing dishes, or fixing a meal. The Baguette Quartette is one of the favorite bands I've listened to on that channel. They get a thumbs-up from me every time. :)

Finally, my Prime Student Account on Amazon: Prime is a good deal anyway, but you can't beat the $39 annual student fee to sign up with the first six months free. I use Amazon a lot as it is, so it made sense for me. Now, just as they've desired, I'm using it even more, shopping smarter, not harder, on basics such as cat food and litter which is the same price as the big box store in my area. This is not putting a little guy out of business. There are no little guy pet stores around here anymore for that, so I'm not feeling badly when someone else lugs those two 20-lb bags of litter and the same of cat food to my doorstep for me for the SAME price AND FREE SHIPPING. Seriously, what's not to like about that?

And a peek into tomorrow: I am still fasting from internet and breakfast and lunch for Lent (how's your Lenten season going??), so I won't be around tomorrow. I've come to relish these days! But another thing I love is quotes, so I'm scheduling one to pop up tomorrow even if I'm not here: the turn of a phrase, a unique perspective to share. Until then, click a fun link or two and have a great day!

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