Sunday, December 8, 2013

December Daily - Week One

My friend, Marianna, at Cardinal Acre told me that she is doing a "December Daily" journal. It's paper and is lovely with lots of pretty scrapbooking paper and other ephemera. This month is always so unlike the others... and yet so like the Decembers before it... in a way, but of course changing every year too. I don't have time to manage a paper journal this year, but I did think I'd try to take at least one picture a day to capture the essence and rhythm of our month.

My Granny's Creche: It's one of my very favorite of the things she left me.

We've spent a delightful year with Susan Branch! She makes every month fun, so we're
doing it again for 2014!

Decking the Halls begins. I selected the lights in the kitchen to stay after everything 
else is wrapped up and put away.

Our own snow over our table as it begins to fall outside...

Eve made the first snowman of the year with the dusting that we got!

Then it starts to add up for real...

Meanwhile, inside where it's cozy, my sweet neighbor, Margo, and her son, Matthew
sent over this wreath (the larger one on top) to decorate my dollhouse!
There's more work to be done and I'll finally get some time
to work on it, as we are officially on winter break!!

I love the very quiet mornings with my tea, Bible, a ticking clock...

...and the blue and blue and blue.

Our little guardian has gotten buried, but continues at his loyal post.

 And the Christmas cactus is blooming right on time! Yes, December, we're off to a great start!

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