Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Preparing and Musing Thanksgiving

     We gather together 
 to ask the Lord's blessing; 
 he chastens and hastens 
 his will to make known.  
 The wicked oppressing 
 now cease from distressing.  
 Sing praises to his name, 
 he forgets not his own.

 It is cold this morning. Columns of steam could be found along the skyline as I drove Eve north for her Latin class. Frost still clung to bare branches despite the sunshine. Oh, the sunshine! Don't we appreciate it on these November days when the landscape cries out for light to illuminate the subtle colors there? On cloudy days in autumn I get to feeling like I'm wearing a perpetual baseball cap that I wish I could fling skyward. I don't mind cloudy days in the summer when the earth is a riot of color anyway and I find myself seeking shade. But I luxuriate in the sun on October days when its light turns the trees into gemstones and I crave its light in November so I can witness late autumn's true palette!

Inside is a different story! The harvest colors are crowding my counter. Some of that bounty above is for our Thanksgiving dinner and some for meals in the weeks to come. I wish I could have taken a prettier picture to share with all of you, but like many of you, we are busy with preparations for the big day tomorrow and I just grabbed my camera and took a quick snap before we got busy with some things we could prepare ahead of time. We'll celebrate with my side of the family on Thursday and Paul's on Friday, so there are many dishes to prepare.

The linens have been washed and are in the dryer as I sit here at the library waiting for Eve's class to get out. Last night we prepared cranberry sauce, a sweet onion salad dressing, an olive relish to go with roasted veggies, cut up carrots and parsnips for said veggies, and cubed up bread for stuffing. Pumpkin pie will get made today along with some more veggie chopping. My goal this year is to actually catch a little of the parade as well as the dog show that they televise every year on NBC. I think I'll manage this year, as we are having dinner at 5:00; the late hour plus my preparation should amount to an easy pace for the day.

There are a few labels to print, linens to press and fold, place cards to make, and some wine to buy. I'll be taking my grandmother's china in a box over to my brother's house where we'll enjoy dinner again this year. I'd hoped to take a walk in Simon's Ravine before we eat, but it's supposed to be pretty cold again tomorrow. I don't know if I will be able to convince anyone to join me - especially when the kitchen gets all steamy and cozy!

For those of you in the U.S. celebrating tomorrow, I wish you all a blessed Thanksgiving. I so enjoy the rhythm of the year - so much the same and yet different every year too. I pray that you are with family or friends tomorrow and that you may find gratitude for the day, for the season, for the year in ways big and small: for family, friends, health, memories, columns of steam rising in cold air in the city or on the windows in your kitchen, frost on branches, wool mittens for your hands, the changing of the seasons, the smell of pumpkin...pie or candles or coffee or muffins or anything!... and for kitties that sometimes look so quizzical in their baskets and sit so still, like they're posing for their class picture like Charlotte kitty did for me the other  morning:

Have a wonderful day!

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