Thursday, November 14, 2013

Changing Seasons: Living the Metaphor

Hello bloggy friends! I just turned in my last school project for the semester. Now there are a couple of online presentations to do and the final and then we'll wrap up first semester! But all the hard work is behind me and I can just wrap things up and begin to focus more on the holidays ahead.

This has been such a different school year for me and it's not just that I am a student. As I see the vividness of the season around me, I am feeling the poignancy of the change of seasons in my own life. Maia, as so many of you know, is graduating this year. We just got the news that she has been accepted into the co-op graduation group (there are over 100 seniors in our homeschool co-op and there are only 60 slots currently for the graduation ceremony) and will be graduating on Tuesday, June 3, 2014 (time to mark your calendars, grandmas!). YEAH (Youth Educated At Home) puts on a gorgeous, intimate, meaningful graduation ceremony. We were blessed to be able to volunteer last year and watched the majority of the ceremony before we had to go out and prepare to hand out cake to all the happy guests! It was so moving; I wanted to cry and I didn't even have a graduate... yet!
But this year I do, and there are all kinds of preparations and get-togethers with the graduating class to look forward to, including a paddleboat ride with dinner down the St. Croix river in the spring.

More news is that Maia has changed her mind about college and has found one that she has her heart set on. Money, however, is an object and so many discussions about the feasibility of it all, financial aid, working hard, trusting God, etc. have commenced. It's a lot for a girl to take. It's a lot for a Mama to take. And the truth is we still just. don't. know.

But, we are moving forward in faith, asking God to open doors as we seek His direction for her life.

Since early fall, I have been adjusting to my girl being away more often at work (where she is tonight!) and her sister has had to do her own adjusting, as Eve considers Maia to be her best friend. Now we adjust to a new idea, that Maia may not be here so much come next year at this time. The school Maia has her eyes on is not far from us, however - a 20 minute drive! - and I think Eve is comforted by the idea of weekends with her sister - whether here at home or on campus. If it all comes to pass...

So, I'll admit to some moodiness of late. Which is part of the reason I haven't taken the time to sit down and post. I've found more time recently now that I've finished up all the big things with my own school, but I haven't felt myself, haven't been ready or felt like I could share what I might want to share.

But tonight, God bless Susan Branch and her cheery blog, I felt my own happy self emerging again. One can only take so much talk about finances for so long before one starts to feel a bit like a squashed bug.

Tomorrow is Friday and I don't have anywhere to be, save for dropping Maia at work in the late afternoon. Oh, day! Happy, full day, stretching before me! I know it sounds terrible to say that I'm looking forward to dusting, but I'm craving doing a little spiffing up. I've got frozen, cooked jack o'lantern in the freezer and I'm thinking some pumpkin muffins are in order. That and working on more Christmas presents.

This is my neighbor's truck a week ago today:

I told him it looked like it was buried under snow, except it was leaves. :)

And here is the rest of the yard:

It looked just like this last Friday when Maia and I set out for the college tour in the morning. Notice the leaves on the tree? When we got home, the trees were BARE! It was such a blustery day, that both the front and back yard trees dumped everything they had... and we spent Saturday raking.

I also finished these green, stripey plain vanilla socks a couple of weeks ago and my toes are very happy with the squishiness and warmth of the wool. I took my friend Liz's advice and pre-darned the heels, weaving in an extra layer and hoping this superwash yarn will be more durable this way.

I did get a sweater's worth of beautiful, navy blue yarn for my birthday to make myself a sweater, but I only got as far as half a swatch when I realized that Christmas knitting and crafting season was upon me. More selfish knitting will return in January, but for now, everything is TOP SECRET!

Oh, this was so nice. I do wish I could have been more regular posting these last couple of months, but adjusting to new schedules is a real trick. I expect I'll be quite busy come next semester too, but let's not think about that yet, shall we? Hope to be talking with you again soon; Maia's birthday is on Saturday, and I'm sure there will be some fun stories to share!

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