Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Yarn Along: September 3, 2013

The page to September has been flipped and the days of summer reading, of this...

are clearly beyond me now.

It's another day to play along with the Yarn Along at Ginny's, Small Things blog. Let's see what's happening this week!

Now we all have moved on to our respective studies: my girls doing their high school work and I beginning my studies in Library Information Technology. Even the books have an autumnal palette to them, don't you think?

I am teaching the girls American Literature this year in our home school and we're getting our feet wet in the genre with Mark Twain's, Tom Sawyer

Why is it that I have such trouble remembering so many of the books I read in middle and high school? I do know that, unfortunately I, like many of my classmates, discovered Cliffs Notes early. Despite my desire to read through and enjoy the pieces selected for us, the farther into the book and into the school year I got and therefore, the greater my other class assignments increased, the more I leaned on the Cliffs Notes to answer the ubiquitous comprehension questions that nearly wrung my passion for reading literature dry. Rediscovering the classics - and approaching the teaching of them in a different, hopefully more engaging way - has been one of the many blessings for me of homeschooling my children.

Sadly, the one book I'm reading for pleasure, Rosamunde Pilcher's, September, has stalled. I am over halfway through the book and the only plot I can discern is simply that there is going to be a party in September and people who haven't seen each other for a long time are going to be there. The only conflict there appears to be (and everyone who reads fiction should be aware of the five elements of fiction) is that someone who left home a long time ago and has turned down all previous invitations to come back for a visit is planning on going to the party. Isn't that thrilling? Oh, the intrigue.

The lush descriptions of setting that Pilcher obviously adores (she seems to be an interior decorator of the mind) which charmed me so at the beginning of the novel are beginning to annoy me. Every time someone walks or even peeks into a new room, there are paragraphs to wade through before any seemingly valuable information is given that might move the story along. Perhaps I should have taken a clue from the many Goodreads reviews that talked about this book as, "cozy," and "inviting." Looking back, I see that these are wonderful adjectives for any good room in a house, but they do not necessarily a good story make! Those reviews lured me in though and I took the bait without really seeing what anyone thought of the story itself, I suppose. Perhaps it was my own hankering for the turning of seasons that's gotten me into trouble here. Have any of you readers read this book? Can anyone urge me on to its conclusion? Can I look forward to anything of substance happening in this richly described setting?? I hope someone will do just that or I may be having to shelve this one. My pleasure reading time is sorely limited now and I simply must have some semblance of a plot to make the investment!

Finally, while my colorwork hat has stalled as well due to limited amount of time to do concentrated knitting, my "auto-pilot" knitting socks are moving along nicely. I'll have scads of this yarn left over when all is said and done too, so I'll have to think of something else to use it for or find someone to gift it to.

I'm looking forward spending a bit of time looking at what others are reading too in this week's Yarn Along. Are you indulging in any new fiction? Do you have particular goals for the fall season? Me, I'm all about text books right now. Ah, delicious text books. Aren't you jealous? :)

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Anonymous said...

Oh, like you, I loved new textbooks! Even the smell, but like all things, they got aggravating as they HAD to be read to learn , or teach, not just enjoyed! But I still do love the memories of fall and first days of a new school year! Enjoy your paths this year, my scholars!

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