Sunday, August 25, 2013

40 Days of Fitness Reboot: Arms - Update - Consistency is the Key

Happy, Christmas Cousins

I realize it's a bit contradictory to add "Consistency is the Key" to my post title when I'm going to report that I haven't been able to work out the past three days - and won't be able to tomorrow either, but that's what happens when life happens. 

Above you can see, obviously, that it was Christmas, and it being the holiday season, things have been busy! :) Actually, Paul's dad and step-mom come up every summer from Arizona and when it is close to their time to head home, they like to celebrate with the grandkids in person instead of sending packages in the mail. So for the last number of years, Christmas with this side of the family has been at the height of summer which makes for swimsuits rather than snowsuits and picnics, and football tossing, and all the good things that come with a hot day out of doors.

The hot temps have definitely been playing their role too. We've had heat advisories out for the past few days, so that nixed the outdoor running for me on Friday. Saturday was Christmas and today was church and my dad's 70th birthday. Tomorrow is the first day of school with lots of car travel, so the running is unlikely to happen that day either.

But that doesn't stop me. Yes, it's frustrating. And yes, I wish I could be sticking with the schedule I had set out for my fitness. But I am not a professional athlete or an Olympian in training, so I don't do my training NO MATTER WHAT. Instead, I realize that exercise is simply a part of my life and I just pick up where I left off. I don't give up and I don't berate myself. 

Sometimes there are times when things are crazy and you just can't get to making your bed. Or you end up with a bowl of cereal for supper instead of a full-course meal. That doesn't make me say that I'll never make my bed again or never eat the kind of nutritional dinner I prefer eating.

The reason I'm offering these scenarios is that I know plenty of people who feel that if they've "fallen off" their diet or program or whatever, that they've FAILED and they'll never achieve what they want to achieve. But that is a fallacy, a lie. Consistency is the key. Consistency over the long haul, over the months and the years, not the days or the weeks. Health and fitness should be as regular a part of your day as brushing your teeth or taking a shower. And yet, we all know that even those can get put on the back burner due to circumstances. Thankfully, of course, that doesn't happen very often. And that should be our attitude with our health and fitness too. We don't let every little thing be an excuse to skip our workout. Instead, we remain committed to ourselves, our families (our health is very important to them) and to service to God's kingdom!

So hang in there with your goals. I've got yoga on tap again for Tuesday and I'm looking forward to it! We're starting school tomorrow and I'll be putting my new schedule to the test. We'll see how it goes! Off and running to school year 2013-2014. I hope if you've got young ones in school or at home for school that things are off to a good start. Have a blessed, exciting year of discovery!


Anonymous said...

At first I didn't get what you meant about Christmas.....then, AHA, Pivec Christmas! Glad it was fun! School already? I thought it was the day after Labor Day! Oh well, have a great year!

Mike Allison said...

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