Tuesday, August 13, 2013

40 Days of Fitness Reboot: Arms - Update, Days 1-9

I had planned to post this update yesterday but just couldn't find the energy to do it. Here's why:

Yes, we went camping again! The second time in 3 weeks! That's a new record for me!

Eve and her cousin, Cole, head out on a hike.

My youngest niece, Hazel. Her favorite activity was playing in water and dirt! Not that you can tell or anything...

My nephew, Avery, and his sweet girlfriend, Hailey. Hailey's mom made the shirts; they both just graduated from Apple Valley High School and their initials are also AV and HS. Super cute... and the shirts are pretty swell too. :)


My niece, Celia, enjoys her s'more made with Reese's peanut butter cups!

My nephew, Devon brought his darling girlfriend, Regan. This was her first time camping ever and she did a great job; such a trouper! :)

It was a great time, but a crazy busy week for me. We had the block party earlier in the week, an evening of camping planning, my first volunteer day at an assisted living facility, and then this family camp out. So, how did my fitness week go? Pretty well I'd say. Especially since my plan is still to go little by little.

My week started off great with a 30 minute yoga "refresher course" just doing some basic poses that would be familiar to anyone who's ever tried yoga. The series included a number of sun salutations and other simple poses, such as the "triangle" and "side stretch." I am using a DVD called Yoga for Weight Loss for Beginners. I purchased for my home practice about 4 years ago when I was also taking some yoga classes. 

I really like this DVD, as it has what it refers to as an "interactive" format. You can choose from 12 different routines depending on your level, the time you have, and/or a particular area of the body you want to focus on. Even though its title says it is for beginners, the cover notes, "beginners & beyond," and I would have to agree with it. When I did my second practice on Wednesday, I chose the 35 minute arm and leg focus series. This was a great series that had my arms BURNING just 5 minutes into the practice, though I did make it all the way through to the end! The DVD also features routines including weights and resistance bands. I haven't done those yet, but like that the option is there for a more vigorous workout in the future.

I ran on Tuesday and Thursday 2 miles one day and 3.2 the next.

After that, though, I didn't do anything. I did have my yoga mat with me when we went camping, as the air mattresses we have get very cold from the ground and we learned last camping trip that you need a layer in between (blankets don't work!) in order to stay warm. So, I thought I might do a little yoga while we were camping, but it just didn't happen and that's okay. My arms were very sore anyway and I don't know how much I would have gotten done.

I was apparently still recovering yesterday. I did get in a 2 mile run in the morning, but I was so tired during it and the whole rest of the day. Thankfully, I have felt completely re-energized today. I did the arms and legs yoga series again today and though it set my shoulders burning again, it wasn't as bad as last time and I didn't have to stop in the middle of one of the poses for a break like I did last time. Ah... the first sign of progress. Love it!

One more thing.

I found this last night on Pintrest. It's a set of 3 exercises for triceps. I don't know when I might incorporate it, but I'd like to mix it in somewhere, maybe on a running day:

Do you have goals you're trying to achieve this month... this season... this year? If so, tell me what they are; I'd love to hear about it!

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Anonymous said...

Camping this last weekend was enough exercise, let alone your busy week, right? I think you "done good", my girl!

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