Monday, August 19, 2013

40 Days of Fitness Reboot: Arms - Days 11 - 15, Hello Kombucha & Tofu for Breakfast!

Day 10 - W - Day Off; I didn't really want to take this day off, but I needed to get a hair cut in the morning and then a big grocery shopping was on my agenda. Later, I also had rehearsal for singing at church on Sunday, so I just took a pass.

Day 11 -  Th - 45 minutes of yoga that kicked my butt. I wanted to quit right before the last sequence, but I stuck it out, shaky arms and legs and all, and was darn proud of myself! :)

Day 12 - F - Ran 2 miles; a sweet, new mix on my playlist made for a fun run!

Day 13 - Sa - Busy, full day. Did manage to squeeze in a few sequences of "Sun Salutation" for about 15 minutes. Better than nothing!

Day 14 - Su - Day off

Day 15 -  M - Headed downstairs to yoga with a not-so-happy attitude. I didn't want to do the same routine again, but as all my other yoga workouts are on VHS, and our VCR is finally dying (maybe it can be fixed - it's a combo with our DVD player - but it ate the last tape we put in there and I didn't feel like dealing with that this morning), so I ended up doing the 35 min arm and leg routine. I focused on lasting all the way through the long, challenging Downward-Facing Dog holds and on doing the vinyasas with greater precision to make things more interesting. I also thought about THIS:

I LOVE this! Actually, I love all the GT Kombucha drinks that I've tried. I get it as a treat for myself now and then whenever I go to the co-op. It's a naturally fermented drink, so it's slightly fizzy and tangy. I especially love drinking it after doing yoga, because I feel so good... and it tastes like nothing else... and it feels so good when you drink it! Mmmmm! So, last Wednesday when I had to do my shopping, I bought 2 bottles for myself. At around $3.30 per bottle, it's not something I buy regularly; it's definitely a treat. I savor every bit! I had half while shopping, since I'd forgotten my water that I usually bring with me everywhere and I'd gotten thirsty. It was extra incentive to keep going with the shopping that I don't particularly care for. That day, I had the ginger flavor - SO good! I rationed just half for myself and then saved the other half for my next day post-yoga session. I'd like to learn how to make it someday, but my plate is waaaaay too full to attempt that right now, so I'll just have to stick with my special treats every once in a while.

Today, after finishing the yoga I didn't want to do (but felt really good afterwards - of course!), I rewarded myself with half of this yummy kombucha mango flavor (the other half will be my reward later in the week) and this for breakfast:

This is total comfort food for me and I have it more for breakfast than cereal. It's funny when I think about things that are comfort food for people. Comfort food looks very different in different cultures and I believe the same could be said for a plant-based vs. an animal-based diet. Things that are often foreign to others (nutritional yeast, tofu, quinoa, tempeh, almond milk, etc.) are staples in our household (lol - even Blogger is not recognizing the word, "tempeh" here in my post!). My girls are also so inspired by Japanese culture, that nori seaweed and miso are also comfort food in their diets. Onigiri is a common snack here at home (Maia shows you how to make it here on her blog).

This morning's breakfast was extra-firm tofu sauteed in roasted sesame oil with frozen, chopped spinach and ginger on seasoned quinoa with a little soy sauce. It was really quick (which is why it's so easy to make frequently) because I'd made a big batch of quinoa ahead of time for us to use during the week. I usually alternate between a big batch of quinoa and a big batch of rice, usually 6 cups. Between Paul using it for his lunches, and we for our breakfasts and lunches, it's usually all gone by the end of the week.

Tomorrow it's supposed to be pretty hot, so I'm going to try to get out for my run early. Then it's school clothes shopping day! Every year Grandma Jeanette sends the girls some money (when we lived near her in Florida she went shopping with us! - even better!!) to find a few new things. Since they're given a set amount each year, they've become savvy shoppers. We're starting at a second-hand place this year, since the girls can get so much more bang for their buck!

Here's hoping your week is off to a good start! I'm raising an imaginary glass of kombucha to you! Delicious ~ let me know if you give it a try!


Anonymous said...

Breakfast looks yummy! Recipe, or directions, please! Also, great job on your excercise regimen!

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