Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Vegan Camping Preparation Links

Lots on my plate today, some of which is planning for a short, weekend camping trip with some high school friends of mine. No kids this time around, though another, bigger trip that includes them and lots of family will be happening next month, so I'm considering this the "practice round!"

I've only camped a handful of times in my life. The food usually falls to me and that seems to be my biggest hurdle. Once I'm beyond that, the rest is enjoyable. I suppose if it weren't, I wouldn't do this at all, now would I?

Anyway, I am so, so thankful for the internet and all the creative people out there that post such wonderful ideas from which I joyfully glean. Rarely do we need to re-invent any wheels nowadays. A simple Google search pulled up these sites and ideas for me to pick and choose from and make the deciding about it all so much easier.

The Truth and the Life is a beautiful blog that I'm going to spend a bit more time checking out. Her photography is lovely and the menu was great. Some nice ideas here for cooler weather camping. We'll be warmer for sure, but her morning veggie scramble looks awesome for sure! Mmmm...

Some good ideas at Hub Pages too. The nachos look yummy and easy.

The Vegetarian Resource Group blog has me thinking I'll pack some pre-made burritos for lunch to warm up over grill or fire.

Pintrest has delectable photos galore. I haven't yet taken the time to peruse all of them. I tend to avoid foodie posts, as I don't want to pack along gobs of ingredients, but there is plenty of inspiration there from simple to as complicated and gourmet as you want to get!

Suite 101 has a nice checklist that will prove helpful for those of us who continue to wonder, "Did I pack everything...??" as we drive away from home.

And The Happy Herbivore has some ideas and some cool links of her own to share.

With all this help, I can't possibly fail, right?? I'll post my own camping plans in the next couple of days or so and hopefully some good pictures from our trip as well. Hope you find some of these links helpful too, even if you're just looking to add some more veggie ideas to your next camping trip.

Be blessed and have a great Tuesday!

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