Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Thirty-One Days of July

July 2013

Hey, I made it! Thirty-one daily posts in July! It's been a little adventure for me, for sure. I put together this mosaic of some of the shots from our days. One of the benefits of blogging this whole month is that I have used my camera more and am fond of a number of the photos I've taken. Also, I've become very familiar with the "July_2013" folder on my hard drive! This has actually served to kind of stretch out my month, because some of the pictures from the beginning of the month already seem "so long ago," even though they were mere weeks. The garden, especially, has already transformed, overflowing its boxes and producing a small harvest.

I love how the grid tells a story of our days, minus all my words! When I ask my girls, a bit of wonder in my voice, "Are you having a nice summer?" I can look here and be assured that our days have been full and be thankful.

I know, too, that I can find the time to be here with regularity if I put my mind to it. Free time will grow more scarce as we move into the school months, but with planning, I am amazed at what can be accomplished in a single day!

It's my sweetheart's birthday today. Presents are wrapped, cards have been made, a cake is cooling on top of the stove.

So, it's on to August: canning, freezing, books, and schedules are in our future. But so is another camping trip - all the family this time - and another 6 weeks of summer to soak up.

I hope your month has been as full as mine. Thanks again for any time you choose to stop by this space. I plan on chatting with you again soon!


Anonymous said...

Great July collage! Enjoyed looking at all the pictures! The only one I couldn't make out was of Eve and Maia with Tyvek siding behind them. Where was that?

Creative Life Studio said...

That's when we visited Laura at the farm about two weeks ago. :)

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