Saturday, July 6, 2013

Notes From a Saturday

Summer Saturdays with nothing on the agenda. Now, that's something to smile about! Actually, I had something on the agenda: a bulk-food order pick-up off of a semi out of Idaho, but somehow my group's order got forgotten and now we've a couple more weeks to wait. 

That would have been a whole different set of pictures.

As it was, you can see that we took advantage of the newly opened vista of opportunity and headed down to the Mississippi River Regional Trail. Being that we live at the *top* of town on the west side and there is no easy way to get home without some serious hill climbing AND being that my sweet cruiser has one speed with brakes on the pedal and the bike with the speeds has a flat tire, we opted to load the bikes in the van and head down to Kaposia Landing for our own "park and ride."

Arriving home, realizing I actually had time to mess around a bit, I finally, FINALLY, and oh, so happily, downloaded the lovely, free photo-editing software, If I'm going to blog daily this month, I'd like some better photos to share and I really like what this software has!

I don't like to do too much with my photos. I just like to crisp things up a bit for the most part. I add a bit more color too, when things looked washed out according to my point-and-shoot camera. Occasionally, I'll play around a bit more, but for the most part, I keep things simple. I wonder if I'll even use all the features has to offer... much the same way that I'm sure I use an infinitesimal amount of the features my camera has to offer. But even the tiny bit I've used today has me gleeful! It's so very nice to have a little bit more control over my photos.

And, of course, these are just the tip of the iceberg. It's so much more fun blogging when you are happy with the visual as well as the content!

Now that I've spent a few hours here playing around though, I've got a bit of knitting in my evening future. And photos to take and share along with that too - for my Making and Media Monday.

Enjoy your Saturday! See you tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Love the artistic canvas of all the pictures you painted of your ride today! And of course the stars of the show!

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