Thursday, July 11, 2013

Letter Writers Alliance & On the Bikes Again!

St. Paul Skyline from Harriet Island

As promised, Thursday's post is devoted to internet discoveries and any other random bits from our week.

Getting things started, I am thrilled to bring you this website that I just learned about this week during an archived episode of the wonderful iMake Podcast. This is not a post about that podcast, but do check it out! Martine is your lovely hostess podcasting, as she says, "... from Guernsey, in the Channel Isles...". She does talk about knitting, but she has many, many other varied interests that she shares with her listeners and I always learn something new! Her blog is lovely and informative too, so be sure to pay her a visit even if you are not a podcast listener.

The thing that got me so excited when listening to iMake, however, - so much so that I did stop the podcast right then and went straightaway to my laptop to look it up - is the delightful Letter Writers Alliance: An Alliance for Those Who Enjoy Letter Writing and Other Postal Adventures.


Oh, I DO so enjoy writing and receiving letters. I am rarely on the receiving end of them anymore, but I hope that by joining the Alliance - for a mere $5!! - I will remedy that somewhat. To be fair, I have also had, from time to time, pen pals in the past, but those writing relationships were not always sustained for one reason or another. But that doesn't mean that I don't still love the art and craft of writing a newsy, handwritten letter.

I am already anxiously checking my mailbox for my Membership letter! The membership comes with a membership card, a pen pal swap and an LWA badge! See it here!

So fun. :)

And speaking of fun, yesterday was so much cooler, breezy and beautiful that Eve and I headed out for another bike ride. We went down to Harriet Island with a plan to ride the bike paths through the woods and meadows along the Mississippi toward Lilydale, but our plans were foiled, as there had been recent flooding in the area and the paths were still not completely cleared and cleaned of "muck" according to the one city worker I asked when I saw that the road was closed.

So, instead of riding westward, we headed farther east, parallel to downtown and went as far as that path would take us. It didn't take us too far, but we did get to enjoy some different views from those we see regularly coming through the city in the car, high above the river.

After our ride, we stopped in at one of my favorite little stores on Smith Avenue, called Simply Vintage. This is such a charming little shop. Lori, the owner, is so friendly and the prices are really great. It's located on the corner of Annapolis and Smith right near the Amore Coffee House if you're wanting to go. But if you're wanting to go, then give me a call and I'll join you for treasure hunting and coffee afterwards!

Today, having only six dollars in the little bag I'd taken riding with me, I couldn't get much. But, as I said, this is a very affordable, little place, and I found two, identical, little, floral trays for a dollar each. I just thought they were darling and even though I don't have a specific place for them in mind (this one is in the downstairs bathroom right now), I just didn't want to pass them up for that price. Little things like this make me smile!

And on that happy note, I wish you the nicest of Thursdays!


Anonymous said...

Such nice pictures of the St. Paul riverfront! Love the little tray, too! In the picture, is it in your living room shelf? I didn't know you had such a delightful shelf in your bathroom! Thanks for sharing your days with me! Did Maia not want to ride?

Creative Life Studio said...

Maia was too close to the end of an engrossing read to go with us! :) And the shelf IS in the main bath up on the cabinet over the toilet.

Shirley-Ann said...

I would love to be snail mail pen pals! I love LOVE receiving and writing letters, there is something quite calming and peaceful about putting pen to pretty paper :o) I'm not on FB as you have guessed, but you can find me on Ravelry here: or you can email me at

Looking forward to hearing from you. Love your blog BTW, I am adding you onto my sidebar.

X Shirley

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