Monday, July 1, 2013

Journal-Daily July

Oh, my. Three months since I last posted. Spring to heart of summer! I do think about this space. With so many other ways of connecting these days... so many quicker ways... I sometimes think I should set this long-running project on the shelf altogether. But I don't have the heart to do that, despite the number of times I thought I would. There's just too much of "me" here and we are reaching a milestone as Maia prepares to embark on her senior year of high school - homeschool style! So, at this point, it feels as if I can hardly record too much.

In regards to that statement, comedian, Jim Gaffigan, had a funny comment about our obsessive picture-taking culture saying something in his act like, "I have more pictures of my kids than my father ever looked at me!"

I'm far from an avid picture-taker. Yes, I am the documentarian of our family and, as such, I actually appear in fewer photos than the rest of the gang. But with the prolification of blogs and social media apps such as Instagram (which I am not on, not having an smart phone of any kind), I know that I take far, far fewer photos than maaaaaany people do!

That said, I'll be toting my camera around with me more this month as I attempt a new project for the month of July. Ah, July. I've rested up a bit in June from the whirlwind that is the  home school year and while I've nearly another 2 months of respite of a sort in front of me, July is when I hit the books again and begin perusing curriculum and planning for the fall. BUT, I still have some time to dedicate to more lighthearted pursuits and so I am going to give myself a goal of blogging every day this month! Thankfully, I know that doesn't mean that I must find time to sit down here every single day; I can pre-prepare posts for when I don't have the time or ability, such as from the tent site come the end of the month when we'll be camping for a couple of days.

My HOPE is that with the regular posting schedule I'll be giving myself, I will instill a habit that will carry me through this momentous year and beyond.

I'm giving myself a framework to work within for awhile to hopefully make things easier:

Mondays: Making and Media: I'll share the projects I'm working on as well as anything I'm reading, watching, or listening to.

Tuesdays: Titus 2: In this chapter of the Bible, older women are instructed to share with and teach younger women, especially in the realm of home and family. So, here I will share a few things I've learned along the way.

Wednesdays: Garden and Cottage Notes: Pictures and news around the yard and home. We've got a sweet, little house that I've christened Crimson Maple Cottage, since we have two of that large tree in the front yard. We've only just celebrated one year of living here and all of the gardens are babies, so it is fun for me to record their growth!

Thursdays: Random Bits and Links: Stories from our week as well as any fun links I come across

Fridays: "This Moment": Something old and familiar from the web, but something new for me to participate in is Amanda's "This Moment" over at her blog, SouleMama.

Saturdays: Hmm... I don't have a theme for this day at the moment. Maybe I'll think of one, or maybe it will be a catchall. Hopefully that won't make this the hardest day of the week! In the future, I don't plan to blog on the weekends at all, but for this month it's every day, so on to Sunday...

Sundays: Spirit-Filled: Thoughts of my own or others' to bless you on the Lord's day.


So, in keeping with the themes, today is "Making and Media Monday."

Here are the fingerless-lace gloves I recently finished for Maia.

These are "Longbourne Mitts" (Ravelry link) by Danielle Chalson from the Jane Austen Knits Fall 2012 magazine. There are actually ties that go with them as well, but Maia just has not laced them through yet.

I almost hate to admit how long they took me, but at least it's partly because they weren't my only project on the needles. Also, they're lace which is not exactly a favorite thing of mine to knit. But last year - ahem, yes, I purchased this yarn and pattern last September, I believe - I'd told the girls they could each pick a smallish project for me to make for them and this is what Maia chose. I'll share with you another finished project as well as the project I'm currently working on for Eve next week.

I think, with my introduction, this is enough for today; I'll share more about books I'm reading next week. In the meantime, please come visit me on Goodreads!

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Kez said...

Good luck with the daily blogging. My blogging has also fallen by the wayside - as you say, too many quicker ways to communicate.

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