Saturday, July 20, 2013

Good Morning From the Farm!

Good morning from the farm!

We headed up north yesterday to spend some time with some dear friends of ours at their farm. We enjoyed good fellowship, food, and fun! It's a real blessing to be able to spend time with friends just relaxing and recharging. I went up with the intention of lending a hand in organizing or helping out in whatever way I could, because I wanted to spend time with them, but also because they have been in a remodeling process for a few years now. Dad does most of the work by hand himself and given that he also manages rental properties in the city and does contracting work there as well, it's a slow-going process at home. So, I wanted to help where I could, but we really just spent time talking and laughing, sharing stories in our walk of faith... and maybe the adults enjoyed a little wine and chocolate late at night as the rain started and the cool breezes finally moved in...

So, we may not have straightened up or rearranged, but we fortified our own spirits, encouraged and prayed for each other and perhaps that was the real work that was meant to be done.

A few other shots from our day:

Everyone chipped in with dinner: Burritos and a peach and strawberry cobbler for dessert. Half the kids are out of the shot here; we had six, plus us moms for dinner. Dads, unfortunately, were not with us this go round; another time, I'm sure!

We wouldn't let that delicious fruit go to waste; every one got a peach pit to get every last bit. And no, we didn't eat the pits!

That's cream soda there on the counter in the bottles. It's a local brand made with Minnesota honey ~ delicious!

After dinner and before dessert we thought we'd go on outside and check out what was growing in the garden. Sweet kitty met us on the way. He seems to have various names, which is why I'm not sharing it!

Unfortunately, summertime is also horsefly season out in the country and so it was hard to admire what was growing in the garden for long!

I think Maia is a more confirmed city girl now more than ever. We didn't stay out long. Dessert and games inside and then "Pirates of the Caribbean" rounded out the night for the kids.

So thankful for days like this; sweet memories to store up and treasure for a long time to come! :)

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Anonymous said...

Sounds and looks like you had a great time! Glad for you! Pictures look really nice!

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