Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Garden and Cottage Notes: July 2013 , Week One

We had our first anniversary in our home on the Summer Solstice this year. Isn't that nice? We'll get to celebrate an anniversary every Summer Solstice ~ such an easy way to remember.

Last year it was all about unpacking boxes and figuring out where everything was going to land inside. Outside, the landscape was just fine, if a bit plain. The previous owners were into maintenance-free landscaping as much as possible and that has made it very easy to pick and choose the projects we want to tackle, because if we just leave it as-is, it looks fine until we decide to change something. So I'm really thankful for that.

After a very long, drawn-out winter season, I was STARVED to get out there and get planting, just like a good number of other Minnesotans I know. It really has been fun dreaming and trying to get an idea of how what I have in my mind will actually translate into real life. This is the gardener's opiate, I think!

I have been starting from scratch and I have to keep reminding myself (especially as I look at some of my pitiful, wee, little baby perennials) that I must be patient! Walking around this old, established community is sometimes disheartening because there are large and lovely gardens all along my regular walking and running routes. I return home and see my baby garden, sigh a bit, and tell myself that I'm here for the long haul; we are only just beginning!

My friend, Laura, gifted me with many free perennials (they look kind of pitiful in the shots below; they are recovering from transplant shock!) from her garden last week and so a day that I thought was going to be a stay-at-home-and catch-up-on-some-rest day turned out to be an all-day affair of transplanting. But I certainly did not want to pass up the opportunity for lilies and sedum and lavender...

 ... and roses!  I shared this photo a couple of days ago. These blooms have since faded, but before they did, I took cuttings and am hoping and praying that the old-fashioned, Mason jar method

of propagating cuttings will work for me and next year I'll be the happy owner of three, glorious pink and peach rose bushes!

I've been keeping an album at Facebook of my garden's progress and I'm not going to re-post everything here, but I will post the most recent action in the flower and vegetable, and fruit beds. I look at this all primarily as my "before" year - especially in the flower beds. Happily, veggies are nearly instant gratification and I look forward to our continuing harvest!

 Nasturtiums are really starting to pop; there are new blooms every morning!
And check out this naughty, little squirt! This baby showed up a couple of mornings ago and was breakfasting on my new plantings! I snapped the photos because Eve ADORES bunnies. Hopefully, this little guy was just having a taste of the wilted leaves. Hopefully he or she won't come back for dessert!


affectioknit said...

That is all so pretty and neat...and what a sweet bunny!

~Have a lovely day!

Creative Life Studio said...

Aww... thanks for stopping by! :)

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