Monday, July 29, 2013

Crafting Curriculum, Day-Dreaming Decor, Handmaking Hat

As the summer light has begun to shift ever so slightly (have you noticed?), my reading has changed from more pleasure reading to more work-related reading. I'm still working on fiction, but my stack has dwindled as ideas for the new school year begin to swirl about in my mind.

Here are two that I am really enjoying right now:


I've got two high school level students at home with me this year: Eve's first and Maia's last. We'll be checking off the American History requirement this year and thus I am choosing to teach American Lit this year too.

In the homeschool world there is curriculum that can hold your hand throughout the entire school year. I have used and liked some of those. Other curriculum act as guides, giving you a skeleton structure and then reading lists from which to flesh out your study (to extend the metaphor!). One of the books I'm using for history this year does that. And then there is the "strike out on your own" path that I am apparently adopting this year with the literature class. No prepackaged curriculum out there contains all the particular books I want us to read and so I am gleaning ideas here and there and will hopefully end up with something uniquely tailored to my girls' learning styles and interests while making sure to capture and incorporate concepts they will be expected to know when they move on to higher education if that is the direction they choose. Doesn't that sound nice? 


This basically means I'm designing my own curriculum from scratch for this subject this year. I've done similar things in years past and it's worked out fine, but it is work. It's my largest undertaking this year, as the other subjects are pretty much already taken care of for me.

So, yeah. Busy these days. It is all worth it and is work I love doing and I love digging into great literature, but I'm at the front-end of things right now.

In the meantime, since I can't add too much pleasure-reading, I have these two, fun books I enjoy gazing at, usually over breakfast or lunch. No thinking, just pretty, pretty pictures and inspiration. Florke's book is more my aesthetic (it's a NICE book!), but I have also long loved Mary Engelbreit for staying true to her own, authentic style. How I MISS my beloved, Home Companion magazine that went away with the Great Recession. That was my favorite magazine EVAH; so much fun!!


Mary Engelbreit's, Home Sweet Home, invites the readers into Mary's own home for a tour and who doesn't love a home tour?? My mother tells me that when I was a little girl I would ask to go into people's houses so I could look around. I still love to do that! My kids tease me because I love that when autumn arrives and the sun sets early I can often catch glimpses inside people's homes while I'm on an evening walk. Honestly, I'm not trying to be nosy! I just want to see how they've decorated the place! :)


Finally, I also have started working on my hat. OH, it's delicious!! The Chroma yarn is so soft and the colors change like Willy Wonka's "Everlasting Gobstopper." I haven't done stranded knitting in a while. I'm doing it two handed: picking and throwing. I ordinarily throw, so I have no idea how the continental style might affect my gauge, but I am trying to keep my tension even. I don't particularly care if it's a bit lumpy though. It's so fun to knit and lovely to see the emerging design; I'm expecting I'll be happy with my end product.

Thanks for joining me for another "Making and Media Monday." Hope your week has gotten off to a good start!


Marianna said...

Oh my, another thing we share in common. I love walking at dusk just so I can catch glimpses of other people's houses!!! I've considered getting a real estate license just so I can be invited into houses. And I LOVE visiting open houses!

Have fun developing you curriculum. Literature curriculum is one I would thoroughly enjoy putting together. Math? Not so much!

Unknown said...

We have decided to go with the new high school courses Time4Learning will be offering. They just made an announcement about them and since we used them for the younger grades it makes sense for us to use them once that familiarity feeling.

We will supplement with whatever my DD needs and wishes to learn more about. I just might end up creating some things afterall. :)

Creative Life Studio said...


That IS funny! I have never considered a real estate license... but it's a clever idea! lol! :)


Thank you for your comment and for stopping by today. :)

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