Thursday, February 21, 2013

Knitted Envelope: Scripture Keeper

My new friend, Shirley, from the warm and lovely, Under an English Sky, blog asked me if I would mind posting a picture of the little "wallet" I'd made for my Scripture cards in my previous post. I am delighted to share, Shirley, but I will tell you that it is a humble and completely practical object! More a knitted envelope than wallet (as I could not, for some reason conjure up the word "envelope" when I wrote my last post), it is the simplest "pattern" - one that I just stitched up using leftover bits of yarn.

Since my cards are 3x5 inches, I just added 1/4 inch on each side of a long strip of stockinette knitting and included a button hole at the end. For the button hole, yarn-over twice on a knit row. When you come to your first yarn-over on your returning purl row, purl the first stitch and purl the second stitch through the back loop. And that's that!

The length of the knitted strip was just trial and error. I just tested it with my cards until I could fold it over, then added the buttonhole where I thought it should go. Picked a button from my button jar and stitched that on. Finally, I whip-stitched the sides on the wrong side and then turned it right-side out. And that was it. I did this easily in one sitting. I've often thought of making these for Bible-study members as little Christmas or parting gifts, but just have never actually done it.

Below, I've included a shot just so you can have some idea of scale. It is quite small; fits in the palm of my hand. It's nice and stretchy because it's knit and while I have plenty of cards, I have room for more. 

I think these little envelopes would be fun for all kinds of wee items. My girls used to have little decks of playing cards that would fit perfectly in here. Also, having a stack of blank, pre-cut, index cards in this little envelope would be a nice, little packet to hand to a child sitting in church or a waiting room, etc. I'm sure one could come up with lots of ideas for small bags like this; I'm just happy that it's proved useful to me after all these years. Thanks for stopping by!

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Shirley-Ann said...

I just love this idea and am going to knit one up to keep my own scripture cards in and pop it into my handbag! My daughter made something similar for me to keep my Kindle in. It was originally going to be a temporary Kindle cover until I could find one of those fancy Kindle cover things, but I have just fallen in love with my hand-knit cover - especially since it was made with love by my daughter - that I cannot part with it ;o)

Thanks for sharing your little scripture pouch with us. I love all your alternative ideas for this little envelope!

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