Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Snowflake Tea Party in the Magic Attic!

Welcome to our party!

This year part of our curriculum involves the unit study called Where the Brook and the River Meet. It is a study based on Lucy Maud Montgomery's classic, Anne of Green Gables. We meet weekly with some friends of ours who are doing the study with us and one of the projects we were to do was to host a tea party for younger girls. We've had a couple of our own for each other (mothers preparing things for the girls first, then a collaborative effort - girls and moms) earlier in the year, but this time it was the girls' responsibility to do the majority of the party prep and hostessing.

While our friends live in the country north of the cities now, they keep an attic apartment in one of the rental properties they own, as they still have work and homeschool events down here. The apartment is a centralized location for those of us in the co-op, so we decided to have the tea party here and since the party was scheduled for January, went with the idea The Snowflake Tea Party in the Magic Attic.

The girls and I arrived Friday night for a decorating-party sleepover and the transformation began! 
Four wonderful, teenage girls and one almost-teen, set to work cutting and glittering and hanging snowflakes and silver ornaments:

I daresay we may have had more fun then our guests of honor. But at 1 a.m., we needed to turn in so we could be ready for the big event!

The next morning a variety of iPod alarms went off to let the girls know it was time to rise and shine and get to work again. More snowflakes were created to change the daybed into a "snow throne" for the little ones to have pictures done if they chose.

The snow throne complete, the girls paused to take a few pictures of their own:


 A few of the goodies captured before the guests arrived:

Katrina made scones.

Eve, Katrina, and I cut out pb&j sandwiches into mitten, snowflake, heart, and star shapes.

Eve baked a cake and Katrina made Russian Tea Cakes in varying sizes so we could make snowmen with the extra frosting!

Just as the guests began to arrive, Elleanna gave Eve a gorgeous hairdo!

And then the little ladies arrived in very fine attire!

The big girls waited on the little ones and although Sugarplum Tea was available, hot chocolate was the beverage of choice, hands down!

Tea completed, it was time for designing bracelets and necklaces with some magical-fairy jewels:

The big girls helped the little ones again to make sure their new jewelry was everything they wanted it to be.

While the little girls worked, mamas even got crafty learning how to knit. :)

Sugary treats gone and beading done, the guests began to "unwind" a bit and decided playing cards after tea was a good idea. While their ancestors may have retired to a parlor after tea to play a game of "whist," these ladies were partial to a game of "fish"...played with penguin cards... on the floor and the snow throne.

 Finally, after a long game, the guests began to indicate that they were all worn out... ready to call it a day.

And thus, the Snowflake Tea Party in the Magic Attic came to a wonderful end. What a fun couple of days we had! Thanks to Katrina, Eve, Maia, Olivia, Elleanna,and Laura. Hopefully, we gave our guests a party they will remember for some time to come! :)


Unknown said...

Oh, my girl! What beautiful pictures of beautiful girls, young and "older"! The pictures show how much went in to the planning and execution of the event! You need to make a scrapbook of the pictures so the little ones can look at them forever! Lael looked like she had fun teaching Kaarin to knit, and you and your friend on the "throne" was amazing! Loved the whole thing!

Anonymous said...

So cute!! What a fun day for everyone!


Creative Life Studio said...

Thanks, Mom and Tiffany! And Mom, look at you with an identity now! Not anonymous anymore! :)

Laura said...

This is awesome! I love Anne of Green Gables - and the other related books about life on PEI. And I love tea too! Thanks for sharing! We used to be postal pen pals for a time when you lived in FL. You recently came to my mind, and I remembered your blog and decided to see if it was still online. Glad you are doing well in a new state! Blessings! Laura

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