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Joy Dare Link-up - January Seven

(Note: Blogger is not uploading my photos... the picture below was added before this trouble began. I want to participate in the Joy Dare link-up, so I am publishing without photos, but this post, along with others not yet published do to this problem - will be edited when the issue is corrected.)

This year I am taking Ann's Joy Dare and listing over a thousand thing
s I am thankful for in 2013. Some will be via the lovely prompts she provides and some are just from my spirit's own self.
Open my eyes, LORD...
1. I am thankful for YOU, Lord. I am thankful that you have made it possible for me to spend time with you any time I want; that You are accessible to me because of Your son, Jesus. That You hear me, that You respond to me and speak to me in so many ways. That You remind me of the freedom I have in You, Jesus, and that I get to continue to participate in the advancement of Your kingdom.
2. For 2012. Overall, it was a very happy year - for all of my family, I think. We ended it last night with Mike, Lena, Cole, and Misha. I feel like they are happy we are here. :)
3. For our parents. All still with us and generally, well. Mom, Dad, and Sharon all will turn 70 this year!
4. For reading. For all of the amazing things I learn through books and magazines and newspapers, the Bible, the internet.
5. For writing. It takes me places.
6. For brilliant, Christian leadership. God has provided so many who share their lives with us, striving with us toward his kingdom.


3 gifts heard:

7. The music that wakes my Eve. It means she is here with me, she will be up and about to begin another day with us, and she is maturing and embracing responsibility (getting herself up on her own).

8. My older daughter's laughter. She is a happy, happy girl!

9. Dishes softly bumping each other in the wash-pan of hot, soapy water.

10. Pouring dry beans into the colander; running them through my fingers, looking for rocks and clods of dirt; rinsing them under clear water to prepare for soaking. I feel connected to women all over the world when I do this - and to generations long past remembering.

AND more thanksgiving for:

11. the amazing, nutty smell of basmati rice

a gift inside:

12. cooking grains on the stove, steaming and warming up my winter kitchen

a gift outside:

13. beautiful, blue January mornings

more gifts heard:

14. NPR & Minnesota Public Radio

15. the always cheerful and inspiring Knitmoregirls Podcast

16. insightful Cognitive Podcast

17. warm, quiet, and thoughtful, Knitting Pipeline podcast

which leads me to:

18. knitting

19. wool ~ a brilliant fiber ~ so amazing LORD!

20. cashmere... just delicious

a gift on my plate (or in this case, in my bowl):

21. basmati rice, spinach, & tofu sauteed in shoyu: a hot, savory, comfort-food breakfast

and therefore:

22. the versatile, humble soybean

23. authors and artists who love and celebrate the seasons as much as I do: Gladys Taber, Tasha Tudor, Susan Branch, Sarah Ban Breathnach, among others

24. the four seasons

25. calendars and planners (so exciting!)

26. almanacs

27. public parks and preserves

28. reading to myself

29. reading aloud


30. snowflakes swirling

31. homeschool cuddles on the couch; vanilla candle-scent in the air

32. birds!

33. fluffy, feathered-friends in a feeding frenzy at the feeder

34. peanut-butter and maple syrup in my oatmeal

35. snowdust on the walk & tiny, creature-prints

and so thankful...

36. that I really love what I do and how privileged I feel to be able to do it

37. that Paul is willing to go to work every day to let me stay home to educate our children


something old, something new, & something blue

"Old" is rather easy for me, as I love antiques and heirlooms. I have a special romance with the 1930's and 1940's in the U.S. and England. I especially love household items from these decades. But this morning when I woke up and came up to the kitchen for my morning cup of tea and read the prompt, I immediately thought of

38. tea

It is ancient and I particularly like the British custom of tea-time.

In thinking of "new", I am thinking of friendships - old and now new again thanks to our return home to Minnesota. In particular, today I am thankful for the gift of my old and now new-again friend:

39. Laura ~ a true, kindred spirit


This day was consumed by our Snowflake Tea Party in the Magic Attic!


a gift I am reading, making, seeing


40. re-reading: One Thousand Gifts along with Sharon Astyk's, Making Home; Jen Hatmaker's, 7; Judith Levine's, Not Buying It, and of course and always, the Bible


41. an embroidered quote & picture of my home; knitting a new, red "February Lady's Sweater" for me

42. this journal (my paper version): such an outlet and a pleasure

43. my blog: a different kind of creative writing


44. the chubby, fluffy squirrels enjoying the pb&j crumbs I left out for them. When I keep the ground trays and feeders full, they usually leave the bird feeders alone, so that is good.

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