Thursday, November 8, 2012

Two Weeks

Here's a few things and thoughts on what has been happening in and around our place over the last two weeks or so.
Cute Owl Cookies: Super fun to make and puffed up huge! I'll make them again next year, but I'll make more and smaller cookies.
Trader Joe's Pumpkin Butter. Ohsogood. Even better with a little vegan cream cheese!
No one in our family was too thrilled with their Cookie Butter or even the Mango Butter that we tried (surprising, since we are serious mango lovers around here), but this Pumpkin Butter is nummy.
There was a whole lotta raking going on. Above is a small sample of our leaf collection from our small yard. It was a real "lake of leaves"! So proud of the girls for their willing teamwork 3 weekends in a row!
The Box Elder bug island. These guys have been EVERYWHERE this autumn. They crave heat and the cool day that we were out raking, we found them all huddled here on the heat-absorbing downspout!
Thankfully, they are completely harmless. We still have a few survivors in the house. I don't kill them or many other insects, generally, unless they would do us harm. The few that found their way into the house have slowly gotten vacuumed up once they've lived out their little red and black lives. They've watched us playing cards, watched me putting on makeup and brushing my teeth, and have heard a bit about the French vs. the Glorious Revolution, Latin and Greek root words, and how to caluclate interest on a loan.
A couple of Maverick Dandelions. Lotsa luck there, guys.
It was the Ninja and the cute, Japanese Schoolgirl this year. The cute, Japanese Schoolgirl that knows how to throw a side kick in tae kwon do!

We also hung out with Unicorn, Candy Corn, and "Pop" corn (and Mama too) this year!
Unicorn came over to our house and enjoyed owl cookies and a bit of punch. She wasn't too sure about the floating hand though... :)

Those fesitivities behind us, we're on to the rest of the big, holiday season!
In the meantime, I have been thinking about some more serious matters. Hurricane Sandy has really bothered me. I have been reading for years about peak oil, climate change, emergency preparation, etc. and with the increasing intensity of the storms and other weather patterns we have all experienced of late, and the fact that we are pretty much finally settled enough into our home, it is time now to get more intentional about these things. Now that I actually have a neighborhood to live in again, I am looking into seeking out other people who are connected with the Twin Cities Transition groups - local chapters in the larger Transition Town movement.
I'm sure I'll have more to say regarding this in posts to come, but I'm out of time right now! Have to get the buscuit topping on the Crock Pot Potpie before I take the girls to tae kwon do.
Enjoy the rest of your week!

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Anonymous said...

Sure like reading your posts! BoxElder bugs.....eeewwww! I remember!

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