Monday, May 28, 2012

Blessed Memorial Day!

Hello all! Are you having a relaxing long weekend and taking some time to give thanks today for those men and women in service who gave the ultimate - their very lives - for our country's hard-earned freedoms?

We have had an incredibly relaxing day. After a lot of rain, the skies have cleared and today has been simply stunning. My niece, Celia turned 5 today, so we walked over to my sister and and brother-in-law's house with a bag full of goodies and a bouquet of flowers similar to the one at the top of the post.

Don't you love flowers? They instantly add something to a room and I love gathering the random things that are blooming in the yard right now.

Upon arriving at Mike and Lael's house, we noticed that we were all apparently wearing the requisite Memorial Day, hang-out-around-the-house-and-maybe-plant-a-few-seeds-outfits. Notice the matchy-matchy? For both husbands and wives? Yeah. It's a bit scary, yes? Mike, of course, has the latest-trend, newborn-baby accessory, but despite how good they look, we won't be getting one of those anytime soon. Ahem. :)

Outside, we checked out the newly-mulched garden. All the baby plants seem to be doing so well. I seriously can't wait to see how they'll all fill in.

 We added seeds today: golden and red beets, carrots, edamame, peas, and pickling cucumbers!

 Earlier last week our power was out for a bit, so on the day I thought I'd be making that lentil loaf, we all got big veggie subs at Subway. So FINALLY, tonight I've got that loaf in the oven. It always smells so good with that ketchup baked on top. I'm getting ready to run downstairs to put on the potatoes for mashing. Here's the recipe for the gravy I've used and we've loved for years. It is taken from an old Above Rubies magazine and the lovely Nancy Campbell is the one I believe should get the credit here.

Vegetarian Gravy:

1 c vegetable stock  (I use my veggie soup base mix)
(Oh my goodness. That link is from 2007. My girlies were so little then!)
2 T flour
2 t chili powder
1/2 t thyme
1/4 - 1/2 c nutritional yeast
2 or 3 T Braggs aminos or soy or tamari sauce

Heat vegetable stock in sauce pan over medium-high heat. While that is heating, blend dry ingredients in a small bowl and slowly stir into the sauce pan along with the Braggs or soy sauce. Continue to stir as it comes to a boil and reduce heat to low. Cover and stir occasionally until ready to serve. Add more stock or water if you need to thin it a bit. I double this all the time with great success and it reheats well too!

Here's the rest of our meatless week:

Monday - Lentil Loaf and Mashed Potatoes (finally!)

Tuesday - Enchilada Bake

Wednesday - Sandwiches and Tempeh Potato Salad
(This is for our picnic at Harriet Island! And btw, this is a fabulous recipe from Vegetarian Times! I don't always like their recipes because sometimes they need a bit more punch, but this one is always a big hit! It's such a great way to try tempeh - mmmm - if you never have.)

Thursday - Vegan Mac & Cheese

Friday - Stir Fry

And just one more shot of these lovelies. It's such an old-fashioned mix; I love it!

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