Thursday, February 9, 2012

Crafting Community

Have I mentioned that I am loving living in Saint Paul? Having a wonderful, record-breaking mild winter certainly helps. But it's more than the views and the weather that are keeping me smiling these days. I am delighted with the different events, large and small, that our family has enjoyed the past few weeks; and it seems they have been many!

My good, long-time, highschool friend, Liz, is a fine seamstress (and maker of many other amazing things as well!). She stopped by last Saturday to "borrow" Eve for a fitting of a costume she was making for her cousin's daughter's upcoming play. Eve was only too happy to oblige and only reluctantly returned the dress to be mailed off to its rightful owner. I sense that sewing lessons are in our future.

That same day the girls and Paul walked over the Wabasha Street bridge with Liz (the picture at the top of the post is a shot taken by Maia) to the annual Winter Carnival Torchlight Parade. The parade is the culminating celebration of two-weeks worth of icy events that take place every January in Saint Paul. I was attending my sister's Pampered Chef party or I would have walked down with them. Walked. I have a feeling that walking to the Winter Carnival is not going to take place for another 100 years when the state experiences another record-breaking warm winter.

Still, while they were drinking hot coffee, shivering and  cheering on the Vulcan victory party at the parade, I was enjoying a glass of wine and eating appetizers while watching my sister's friend make us an apple/cherry cobbler. It really was a win-win. :)

Super Bowl/Nephews' birthday party the next night and the list goes on: there was a potluck hymn-sing one night, more old friends paying us visits, bringing us little, potted primroses (!) (thank you 3 T's!), planning for belly-dance classes and talking about Sumo wrestling, thrift-store shopping, lots of knitting, and visits to the coffee shop.

Tomrrow the girls begin volunteering at the library around the corner. Jen will teach us how to play with clay on a pottery wheel next week and I'll swap the crafty goodness by sharing drawing skills with her daughter. There's a theater class on the horizon. Lots of creativity swirling about and it's making life feel rich, indeed.

The temperature is dropping overnight tonight. It's going to feel like real winter for a few days here, but that's okay; it still feels pretty good when you've mangaged to find your place in the sun. :)


Anonymous said...

So fun that you are diving into all things Minnesota!! You have definitely been busy & your creative juices are flowing. :) Love the last picture of the kitty in the sun!

~ Tiffany

Liz said...

Thanks for posting the photos Nicole! I'll send my cousin over to check out the photos on the blog.

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