Friday, March 18, 2011

One More Reason: Feed the Beasties!

One of the many reasons I love homeschooling my children is that I often get to learn something new right along with them.  So here's something Eve and I learned a couple of days ago in science:

There are two reasons why we sweat. I knew the first reason: to cool our bodies. What I didn't know is that our sweat also feeds beneficial bacteria and fungi that live on the surface of our skin. That's right, 65,000 of these little dudes live on each square inch of your body and what's more is that they protect you from the pathogenic bacteria and fungi that want to make you sick!

A cold, non-sweat-producing body, therefore, is more suseptible to the bad guys. It occurred to me then, that this is likely a large reason why people get more sick in the wintertime. Wouldn't it be a good science (fair!) experiment to see if people who exercised to the point of sweating at least 5 days a week got fewer illnesses during cold weather than those that did not regularly work up a sweat in the cold and flu season months?

As someone who is moving up north, this has given me even one more reason to maintain my fitness.  Not only does exercise reduce the risk of chronic diseases and elevate the mood along with all sorts of other benefits, it also helps protect us from colds and viruses. So, get out there and work up a sweat, so you can feed the beasties!!

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