Saturday, February 5, 2011

Full Plates

Oh, I hope I'm not overdoing things by joining this fun group:


Tonia, over at Study in Brown has begun this letter-writing group.  I kept reading about it on a few other blogger friends blogs and was intrigued for a couple of reasons. 1) I do love wrting and receiving letters. And 2) I often have used letter writing as a form of ministry to edify others. A favorite Bible verse of mine is this one: "Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land." - Proverbs 25:25  But we are busy here.  So very busy.  I'm not exaggerating; we are planning to move. More on that in a minute.

I'm glad I actually went over to Tonia's blog to see exactly what the parameters of the club were, because it basically involves just writing letters to whomever, whenever you like! Sweet.  I can do that.  I have let down pen pals, as much as I love them, in the past.  I didn't want to commit to something else, knowing that I could disappoint myself and others.  But no quotas.  No timelines.  Just a gentle nudge reminding me that this is something I do like to do and when I do find a free moment, I could, in addition to my knitting, sketching, journaling, reading, blogging etc (good grief! hahahahaha! - can you see my reasons for hesitating?), choose instead to pick up a pen and write a little something to someone in my life.  As I mentioned, I do write to others, but I could do a bit more... I would like to do a bit more.  The key words here are "a little something" and "a bit more", because my past tendency has been to write long, engaging letters that are many pages long.  I usually write these over a couple of days.  But as much as I love to send and recieve long, newsy letters, the knowledge of the time they take me has actually kept me from writing them more frequently.  So, perhaps I can send shorter letters more often.

I do think, however, I will need to let my self-portrait project go.  The "52 Weeks of BAM" is a fun project, but I am not finding the time or energy to take well-composed portraits. So, if I don't want a year of photos of my hands and feet (! - lol!) I'm just going to put that one on the back burner for now. And as tempted as I am to send my snail mail address to some online friends of mine, I will be holding off until some of this bigger stuff is beyond me.

That bigger stuff.  Yeah, it's been in the works for some time now, this attempt at a move of ours.  I didn't want to say anything publically until my girls had a chance to tell their good friends on their own, in their own time.  These blog posts link up to Facebook and some of my girls' friends are on there, so I was waiting.

There are many reasons for this decision and those I will, for the most part, keep to myself.  But the main reason is one I have spoken of here many times and that is one of homesickness for my family - both my own siblings and my husband's.  Yes, my mother lives here in Florida.  And yes, I will miss her terribly.  I wish she would come with us, I really do.  But our destination is a return home to Minnesota and the long winters are not appealing to her (and I can't honestly say that long winters are appealing to me, but family is and they win out over weather).  Fortunately, she has the time and the means to travel frequently.  I am hoping for many summertime visits from Grandma! 

So.  We have slowly been preparing our home for the market.  My husband has been slowly making his way through the house, painting every room and even the outside of our home.  We are closing in on seeing the end of the painting tunnel!  There are a few more repairs that will need to happen and then the staging of the home.  I am praying that God will provide just the right family to our home here and that He will be making a way for us to make our way back to our family and friends.  I am trying very hard to patient and rely on His timing. 

One of the more fun things for me has been getting rid of stuff!  I just took another large load of clothes and unused household items (extra dishes we really don't need) to Goodwill and another large load of books to donate to the library.

I was especially happy to donate to the library.  The library is one place we always visit first whenever we have moved to a new community and we even like to visit libraries when we travel. A nearby library is such a wonderful thing on so many levels, but one of my favorite uses of it is that it provides storage!  I do not have to own shelves and shelves of books.  I can rely on the fact that there is a place in town that will have nearly everything I need to read and if it doesn't have it, it can get it for me via an interlibrary loan.  Obviously, I own books, but I only keep copies of favorites and reference works that I turn to again and agian, such as craft books, cookbooks, books on my Christian faith, some favorite works of children's fiction and picture books, etc. 

Today I took about 5 full bags of books.  I wished, however, that I could have parted with more, as I love that feeling of space and liberation!  But the books I kept are those our family uses and dearly loves and so, though we don't have totally clear shelves, we did gain more space.  Reorganizing will be a project to come over the next few weeks.  This goal feels like suh a Hurculean effort, but like everything, baby steps are the key.  Baby steps and patience are helping me carry my full plates!


freeplaylife said...

you have a lot on your plate!!!

Even if you take a break from the BAM, you're still oh so very bamtastic ;) so when things settle down, come on back and give it another go! I know how important it is to prioritize stuff when there's 583045983049 to do and only one of you!

good luck, and yay for getting rid of stuff!

Marianna said...

I just knew that was what was in the works for you! We've talked before about moving for family. Ironically, I sadly left winter and four seasons behind to move to Texas and you are going in the opposite direction :) Best of luck as you list your house. Prayers for a quick sale!

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