Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sketchbook Challenge: The Justification and First Sketch

Hahahahahahahahahaha!  Did I really say this?! :

Drawing and painting may end up on the back burner for a while... for a while.

That's the hard thing about having a blog.  Or putting anything in writing for that matter.  You can always look back and find where your inconsistencies lie.  There's evidence.

Well, at least I also said this:

That may prove hard in a week when my art students return... and inspire me again!

I gave myself a safety net.  But I didn't think I'd need it so quickly!  But last night... late last night... I suppose when my tired brain was more receptive to insidious plans, hypnotic spells, and devious suggestions... I saw this:

*sigh* I woke up with a list of sketching ideas floating around in my brain.  I'm weak, I tell you, weak!  But this is only one prompt per month.  I really only need to do one sketch per month. I don't need to do all of my brain list.  In fact, it is highly, highly unlikely that I would be able to find time to draw everything my mind puts in front of me.

But I was lucky this morning, because I got all my errands done yesterday. I have a day to play!  So, taking advantage of a quiet, sleeping family, and getting the pets all fed and occupied with their goodies, I made myself a pot of tea and got to work.

This month's Sketchbook Challenge theme is "Highly Prized".  Think on that for a moment.  You will be surprised as to what your mind conjures up.  For most of us, our direction will likely first head to our families.  For many, including myself, our faith. I wanted to stretch myself beyond the obvious, though.  It's not that I won't sketch those things too, perhaps, but what else do I prize, and why? When I began to think about the things that I care for, the things that make up my daily round, I began to get a number of ideas, the first of which is presented here as well as the text I included on the page.

I don't really think of myself as a technology lover. I'm certainly not into all kinds of gadgets & never feel the need to have the latest of anything.  In fact, I just purchased my first-ever cell phone in Nov. of 2010. And despite the fact that I felt a bit shallow thinking of my iPod shortly after thinking of my family & my faith, I have to admit that it's true.  I was even skeptical when my husband gifted it to me for Christmas 2006.  I mean, I enjoy music, but not all the time. But what I hadn't considered was podcasts.  Like the blogosphere that had connected me with so many amazing, interesting people from around the globe, podcasts did the same thing through sound.  I often feel like a fish out of water in everyday society, but through the internet & podcasts & communities that form around them, I connect daily with other creative people.  It's been literally life-changing for me, a sort of lifeblood in otherwise lonely times.

One of the cool things I love about working in sketchbooks is that ordinarily, they are for your eyes only.  Some sketches may develop into works of art, some sketches may be works of art, and whole sketchbooks are their own genre of art.  But for me, there are no real expectations when I come to my sketchbook pages.  Like my journals, they are just thoughts on paper with imagery included.  I am more of a written word journaler, but whenever I sketch it adds another dimention to my experience.  I lose myself in the concentration of the lines being placed on the page.  The final outcome may or may not be pleasing to me, but it still cements a memory, still captures a moment of time - my time.  That is what is important to me. 

I will never be famous.  At least I don't plan to be, nor do I want to be.  Despite the sharing I do of myself in this space, I'm much too private of a person to desire fame.  I do, however, wish to leave a mark.  I think that is why the words written and the images collected never seem to stop.  I am a collector of my own life.  A storyteller telling myself my story.  I believe that someday my decendents may enjoy glimpses into the past - mine and theirs - through my words and art.  Especially in a world that's highly digital, marks on a page, handwriting... anything handmade...seems to have that much more value.  At least it does for me. 

I'm excited by this challenge and hope that I will be able to create a minimum of 12 sketches this year.  I aim for more, but I do know how the things of life like to make claims on our time.  But I love projects. I really do!  For me, they make the ordinary extraordinary.  Do you have any that you are working on for 2011?  And if not, feel free to join me!


Carol Sloan said...

I love your sketch! And I love the words in the post - "A collector of my own life" "storyteller telling mylelf a story"...ME TOO!
I am so glad that you're joining us! Have you posted on the Flicker group yet?

Carol Sloan said...

whoops...I meant MYSELF not mylelf(lol)

Creative Life Studio said...

Thank you, Carol! :) Yes, I just posted at Flickr. I upgraded back to pro-status there; it's so nice to see all my sets and collections again. I'd just put all that on the back burner for a while, but this is the catalyst I needed to get it back. :)

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