Friday, January 21, 2011

Next Week She Will Ride

This was the smiling face of my girl last October when Grandpa and Grandma visited and we all took a trip to Busch Gardens in Tampa.  It just about broke my heart.  She has wanted to have riding lessons for a number of years now.  But not everything is financially possible... This photo is of her on just one of those small, pony rides where the little ones get to just ride around a small circuit.  She was giddy.
So, imagine my joy and her UTTER delight when my mom offered her a chance to try out her dream.

We toured the barn on Thursday and... week she will ride!


Marianna said...

My son, Amin, rides. It is the highlight of his week! The cost can add up quickly, though. Will she ride Western or English?

Creative Life Studio said...

We've only signed her up for 4 lessons at this point. It's $50 a lesson right now and then in Feb. goes up to $60. They offer a package for 6 months, but I cringe at the cost of that. My mom is doing this for her; I that with some upcoming plans we have, we will not be able to continue this ourselves. But it's a start and perhaps it can be something she can work toward or even hlep to pay for in the future if she really has a passion for it. I don't know what style she'll learn yet. I guess I'll ask on Friday!

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