Monday, January 3, 2011

Liking Mondays

Each year of our homeschool years is a different from the next.  There were years of a physical education group we attended, years with nature notebooks, one year we attended a large co-op with a number of subjects taught and learned, and another year we had a small science co-op with friends.  Some years have also had evening Bible studies, recitation recitals, and craft groups.

This year Mondays have been the easy day.  I really like it; it's a great way to ease back into the week and right now, it's a great way to ease back into school from our Christmas vacation.

Tuesdays I try to get to my yoga class and in the afternoon we volunteer at the sanctuary.  It's more of a rushed day.  Wednesdays we alternate with my mom on trips out to our CSA farm to pick up our share.  We stop at the library on our way over to Mom's for Wednesday night dinners.  Thursday brings another shot at yoga and teaching my afternoon art class.  Fridays are a toss-up: sometimes there is a field trip other times not.

But Mondays are pretty reliable.

I like staying home.  Yes, there are times when I like to get out, but for the most part, I like to be at home.  I like when there is no place I must be.  Those are days to get creative; those are juicy days!  You just never know what you might mix up.  Loaves of bread are good.

So are beans, simmering on the stove and more beans soaking.  It's time to re-stock the freezer.

A good night's sleep after a month of rest? Yes, we take the whole month of December off - I highly recommend it!  It was good.  A good start.  I'm liking Mondays.


bethanyg said...

You said "juicy days" and in your Twitter post you said you were having a "gratifying day". Your words make me want to be creative!

Your pictures make me want to meet your girls.

Your bread and beans make me want to come over for dinner.


Creative Life Studio said...

Oh, Bethany! How I wish you COULD come over. Knitting and visiting; now wouldn't that be so very nice? Thank you for stopping by and for your sweet comment. It does mean a lot to me.

coloring in my life said...

I enjoy those days so much where there is no where to go and a little relaxing and creating can get done-those days are essential.
Love the bread and bean making you all have going on.
Happy Thursday!

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