Monday, January 31, 2011

A Guest Blogger Book Review!

Hello, I am Eve. I am writing a short book review here on my Mom's blog, on a book that I finished for home school.

I think Little Blog on the Prairie by Cathleen Bell is a very good book. This work of fiction is suited for readers who like drama, humor and a hint of romance. My Mom first spotted it at our local library.

Genevieve Welsh is a normal girl with a normal summer planned out for herself. But when her mother decides to take them all to an 1890's camp, she thinks that her summer will be ruined.

The summer turns out not to be so bad when she makes a new friend and there is a "cute looking boy" named Caleb not too far away from their cabin. Everything changes, though, when she finds a rival, Nellie Olson, who is after Caleb too.

Little Blog on the Prairie is aimed at girls around eleven and older. As of writing there is no sequel, but I still really enjoyed reading it. I highly recommend this book for girls around my age.

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