Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Art and Color: Power for Positive Change

Don't think the arts are worth investing in? Is it wasting time to doodle?  Is it not practical to want to be an artist? How vital is art anyway? What can YOU do with a box of 64 colors?  Well, a lot, actually.

For more information on this very cool project, pay their site a visit!

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Marianna said...

What an interesting project.

I read a book last year on the importance of beauty. It was written by an Italian writer and was rather deep and philosophical. One of his points was about the importance of beauty for a good life. At the time I was reading it I had just visited a very impoverished part of town. Beautiful was the last word I would have used to describe it. As I read I kept wondering about how different the lives of the people who live there would be with some beauty. Simple beauty, God's beauty-trees, flowers. Man's beauty-relatable public art, cheerful colors on the houses and bus shelters etc.

All this to say, that by my estimation art is vitally important because it provides just the beauty that souls so desperately need.

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