Sunday, July 11, 2010

Deerfield Beach Getaway 2010: Part 3

So, although I have many more pictures (a visit to a divine, little raw/vegan restaurant/yoga studio) to share, I am ready to move on from my getaway onto a new blog project I am going to be sharing.  But, I did promise some bonsai and a beautiful dress.

The Morikami had some gorgeous bonsai and if I didn't already have half a gajillion hobbies, I might give this a try too. 

There are many large trees like the one above in Florida.  I honestly don't know the name of the tree that creates those supports like that, but I always think they look so cool.

I love this one's twisy trunk:

And this one looks like a magical, little forest.  It is, I believe, a Florida red maple:

And although I liked my dress that I was wearing that day (I thought it had an Asian appeal)...

...THIS is the dress that Maia found at the antique store. Though not an antique and even though it is of Chinese origin rather than Japanese, she was quick to note that one of her favorite Manga artists often draws her characters in Chinese dress.  Plus it fit her beautifully and she wore it to dinner that night.  Here she is modeling it for us in our hotel room.  She is holding up a box of "Pocky," which is a favorite Japanese snack.  They are kind of like thin pretzle sticks - without the salt - dipped partway in a chocolate or strawberry or other flavored frosting.

She was SO excited to find the dress and at only $25, it's something special that she can be glad to have found: a good babysitting money investment! :)

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