Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Deerfield Beach Getaway 2010: Part 2

Our sightseeing continued on Saturday with a trip to the Morikami  Museum and Japanese Gardens.  We had heard great things about this place from online reviews, but you just never know.  Before we got there, Maia kept whispering, "Oh I hope it's not lame!"  It was not!  It did not disappoint and exceded our expectations.  I really have too many photos to post all in one post.  I'm hope to share with you only the ones that illustrate the quality of and the really cool, educational aspects of this place.

One of the lovely and impressive things the designers of this garden did was to use Florida plants, but showcase them in a Japanese style.  So, there were not plants from Japan, per se, but instead, beautifully manicured Florida plants that we recognized (some that we have in our own yard) that were creating this Japanese garden.  It was so great to see that these plants which often are trimmed into squared-off hedges in the U.S. could be trained to wander overhead, creating a tunnel of shade, or trimmed into a more tree-like shape with many different levels.  So creative!
Above: Looking across to the main museum that houses the restaurant, the library, the gift shop, a ceremonial tea room and various exhibits.

Above: Tri-colored Heron spied in a tree.  Below: The original museum, designed as a traditional Japanese home, that now houses the children's exhibits (our favorites!) and the outdoor bonsai collection.

Below: High school uniforms and various posters (fun info about school lunches).

Above: I took a picture of this map, because it struck me as so interesting.  I realized just how nieve I was in looking at it.  Notice that Japan is in the middle of the map where the Americas are "supposed" to be!  But, of course, they aren't supposed to be there; it's just what I, as an American citizen, have always seen.  But, no, we are not the center of the universe!!! lol! :) 

Below: The Japanese language is read from right to left. Notice the grades on the chart move sequentially that way too.

Next up: Bonsai and a Beautiful Dress!


affectioknit said...

That looks so peaceful and lovely!

Kez said...

What a cool place - it looks gorgeous and interesting; what a great combination!

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