Sunday, June 27, 2010

Good Idea

(I wear my watch on my right hand, just in case my arm is looking a little weird to you right there!)

The other morning after my morning devotions I was lamenting the fact that once I get sucked into my day, I forget about God.  I mean, not ALWAYS, but often, I am just so caught up in the events of what is happening in front of me that I forget the sacredness of life and that He really is always there.

I've never had a digital watch until a couple of months ago when I began training for the 5K I ran in April.  I haven't used all of its features, but one I AM using now is the hourly chime of the alarm.  When I hear it on the hour every hour, I am reminded of His presence.  And if I hadn't said hello in the past hour, I do it then.  And I give thanks, noticing everything I have to be grateful for in the day.  And if I'm struggling with something, I am reminded of the presence of the Holy Spirit as Guide and remember to ask for help. 

This is one thing that is working for me and I love it!  We don't have a church in our town that chimes bells on the hour (though I would LOVE that!), but this is the next best thing. It's the best use I've found for my digital watch!


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Aimee said...

wonderful idea, Nicole!! wouldn't hourly chimes from church be lovely??

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