Sunday, May 2, 2010

Indulge and RELEASE!

Wow. How do we let things get like this?! :)

This is a shot from two weekends ago. I wrote on the calendar: "The Big Room Clean-Up." I swear, nowadays, unless I write in things like this, everything gets filled, filled, filled so very quickly. I am thankful that since my children were small, we do at least a bi-annual purging of things outgrown or no longer wanted. Things usually go to Goodwill or Freecycle regularly. This year, we'll be having a garage sale in October. They're all good practices in recycling, sharing, and then, even, managing and organizing an event.

So, things get like this for a few reasons. One, is that, like many children, I have a girl that is SO involved in the present moment that she often does the "dump and run" and moves on to the next thing - never wanting to miss a moment of the action - before she has actually put something away. This, all despite our YEARS of nagging - ahem - training on putting things back in their proper place so one can easily find them again and to avoid killing oneself on a middle-of-the-night-bathroom run.

But it's not all that. Some of it is having too much stuff to begin with. Gifts and trinkets find their way in and older, forgotten trinkets are just pushed back farther on the shelf or in the box under the bed... or wherever, until there is no more room. Cooler weather (and this was Florida's coldest winter in a couple of decades) has us huddling, cozy in our winter nests and we don't get to these deep-cleaning kind of projects.

And I simply don't have the time, or frankly, the desire, to huddle over the bedrooms like I did when the girls were little. Sometimes they get to live with the clean and sometimes they have to live with the mess and when I simply can't take it anymore, big cleanup days get put on the calendar.

I'll admit to getting frustrated, because when things get this bad, they are overwhelming for little ones and inevitably, Mom and Dad are dragged into the picture to help sort, and purge, and reorganize. This year, I was hoping that the knowledge that I was doing my own cleaning in my room would be enough solace for her, but no such luck. Daddy and I ended up devoting each a couple of hours which made for a happier girl and vows of never letting her room get so bad again!

We'll work on it. :) Can you tell, by the way, what this one's favorite color is???

Cleaning and organizing and purging is always such a psychological process in addition to simply the physical one. We hang onto things for emotional reasons or the idea that we might need something "someday." That's why I love these seasonal clean-ups. It gives us a chance to re-evaluate if that thing we couldn't let go of last time, is ready to be released now.

Releasing, to me, really does feel like an indulgence, because a feeling of freedom and lightness always follows and who doesn't like that?

My closet (I'd already started clearing a shelf when I remembered to take a before picture!) is usually pretty well organized. But over the holidays, it becomes the hiding place for gifts and secret projects. I also end up storing some of my works-in-progress knitting projects here to keep the kitties out of them. So, my floor gets littered with bags of yarn. Clothes are not always put away as neatly and nicely as I like and when you have an open shelf system, it's important to keep things that way - even if you're the only one looking at it.

The season is shifting... my taste in clothes change (it's a good thing I shop at Goodwill for most of my clothes - my budget can tolerate those fashion whims much easier this way!)... I'm ready for a few new inspiration/vision board changes, and hey, losing the 10 pounds I've lost means that some of my stuff simply just doesn't fit anymore! Time for a revamp.

Tessa does a double-take at the big pile of clothes that were taking up space in my closet that can now find new homes. Crazy, really, at how much there is. Like my daughter, I want to do a better job of keeping up with letting go of things I really don't want. Like I said, I regularly drop things at Goodwill, but still, I had so much to let go!

Now, all better! I'm sure the spring cleaning bug has bit some of you too. Go ahead and make time on your calendar to indulge and release! You'll be glad you did!


Aimee said...

great job! i love big clean/purge/organize days...sooo freeing!

affectioknit said...

I love the clean room - Scout's room sometimes gets very cluttered too - and we have to have a big cleanup - the spring cleaning continues around here too...

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