Saturday, April 3, 2010


It's time for some changes around here! Heavens. I didn't even think I would be back, but I just couldn't abandon this place just yet. We'll see what happens, as some major things have been happening and will be happening in my life. I hope I'll have time to continue to pursue this place, but it's all wait and see at this point.

Happy, happy, happy! I am happier right now than I've been in years and this is what is leading to the changes around here. And oh, joy, that this has been a sustained happiness since the beginning of the year. I am so grateful for my new mood and outlook and certainly hope it lasts!

So here are some of the addtions to my life that have slowly begun to build and create some major shifts in my consciousness, my mental health, and really, my whole life.

The first is fitness and yoga. While I have been vegetarian for 22 years, vegan for nearly 3, health consious and active, I never ended up sticking with a regular fitness program for more than 3 or 4 months at a time. I have long been an advocate of biking and walking, nature walks, and have always loved yoga when I did it. But for me, variety is important as well as the social aspects of a healthy lifestyle and even some accountability. To be brief, I never stuck with a regular program of fitness, because doing it all alone got to be pretty boring for me. I have always had more sustained, integrated fitness in my life when I could work out with friends or simply other people.

My mother has, for the past number of years, given us kids and our spouses a sum of money every year for Christmas. This year I decided to use it on a fitness membership to an all women's club in our area called Shapes. I can say now, that if I can help it, I will never be without a fitness membership again. The variety of classes plus what I do on my own is wonderful for me. The weight loss and toning has been great. But the biggest thing that I can say about regular, sustained exercise, is the positive shift in my mood. Before, I could expect to be moody and stressed a couple of days during the week and now I may experience that only a couple of days a month and that has proven to be a)hormonal and b) short-lived. My husband has noticed a difference and I am simply more peaceful, simply... happier!

So, my fitness was just the first step. I have also been practicing some "mental fitness." I seriously think that more oxygen to my body and brain and the mood elevation cleared out some cobwebs upstairs.

At first I thought I wouldn't have a word of the year this year, because at the end of the year (funk that I was in), I just wasn't in the mood. But round about February, when I began to really begin to feel better, my word became, "Indulge." This is really not as materialistic as it sounds, but instead, for me, it is to simply indulge in life. To not be so hard on myself when I fall short of my ideals and to allow for more fun - whatever that means for me at the moment.

As I was decorating a new journal cover, I came across the phrase, "Lighten Up!" and those words, plus my word of the year, have become a bit of a motto for me this year. I have a very serious and sensitive side (as I think to which many of my old posts can attest) and it is easy for me to sort of take into myself a lot of the negativity of the world. I am consiously working to refute that with simple positivity.

The yoga, and fitness, and positive outlook have added immeasurably to my life already. I hope to reflect that more in my blog and will talk more in detail about these things in future posts. More than this, though, is that I am also launching a new business that I'm really, really excited about! I'll talk more about that later as well, as it comes closer to fruition. Some of my personal and/or Facebook friends already know about it, but I'll save links to the new website for when it's complete. I can tell you that art, craft, and creativity are all a part of it!

In the meantime, I'll be tweaking this place a bit here as I find time, and hopefully be sharing uplifting and inspiring posts and links. I do think that it is interesting how far a metaphor can take you... as well as a name. Golightly Place was originally named for the green ideas I wanted to share that I used in my life. Now I see that it represents much more to me than that. It represents the kind of spirit I want to have and the kind of life I want to lead. Gentle on the earth, yes, but with a bit more spring in my step. :)


Marianna said...

I'm so thrilled to see you back, but even more thrilled to hear that you are doing well!!

I'm remiss in checking FB to keep up with you and the few friends that use it as their primary communication method.

Marie said...

Welcome back!

Kez said...

YAY! So glad to hear from you again - and you sound so happy! I'm very pleased for you.. :)

Aisling said...

How nice to read a post from you! Your happy, shiny outlook may be contagious... Wouldn't that be a good thing? I'll be back to hear about your new endeavor.

coloring in my life said...

great post, I too need to find a regular fitness routine.
thanks for the inspiration!

Meredith said...

I am happy for you, and happy to see you.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on all of the new changes! I am so excited for you and look forward to reading more about the new business!!

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