Friday, April 23, 2010

C'mon, Get Happy!

My Maia is one of the happiest kids I know. She has a gift for letting stuff just roll off her back that I have long been challenged to possess. That said, I am really focusing on this trait this year. I have found that regular exercise, yoga practice, and mindfully living in the present has helped this immensely. Other than those things, some old favorites of mine are:

COLOR: Colorful gardens, colorful flowers inside, colorful decor, colorful clothing, colorful art, colorful food

CLEAN: Clean floors, clean windows, shelves and tables artfully arranged, clean, fluffy towels for clean, soft skin

FRAGRANCE: Candles, inscense, essential oils (sprinkled in mop water or even into the toilet bowl you are cleaning with vinegar), hand soaps, creamy bath soap, herbs in the garden and in your cooking, flowers in the garden and on your table

INSPIRATIONAL BOOKS (other than the Bible): Oh, the list here might be too long, but a few, old classics I return to again and again are: The Artist's Way and Walking in This World by Julia Cameron, Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach, Living Out Loud by Keri Smith, Inspiration Sandwich by SARK and so many others (all these books, by the way, have fabulous bibliographies that provide hours of inspirational reading pleasure!)

EATING BEAUTIFUL, VIBRANT FOOD: You know, God didn't need to give us variety, but He did! I am continually amazed at the different flavor and aromatic sensations that can be achieved by blending different things in different ways. Eating in a compassionate way that honors my values of non-violence and peace makes me happy. Knowing that I can nourish myself and others without hurting sentient beings gives me joy - and knowing that we don't have to sacrifice anything to do so, enjoying flavorful, satisfying food is a gift.

HAPPY PLACES ONLINE: Tranqulity du Jour by Kimberly Wilson - She also has a fun, inspiring podcast. Kimberly blogs there herself and has guest bloggers too. Today, one posted this: 75 Simple Pleasures to Brighten Your Day, one of Wilson's regular bloggers, Kaileen Elise, and how about some good news with Inspiring Stories. Wish Jar is another old favorite and Sara's blogs are always positive (the link is to just one; she's got more - check them out in her sidebar).

MAKING ART AND CRAFTING: This hardly needs explanation, but you know ~ creating just feels good. Cutting and pasting and sewing and stitching and sculpting and making something new from something old or raw materials or found objects. It's just good for ya!

I'm about to head out with my girls to do some of that right now. We're off on our own mini sketch crawl today down on Main Street with the grand finale for tea and coffee at Starbucks. That ought to keep smiles on our faces for awhile!

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Marie said...

That sounds like fun! My William is the happiest kid I know, too.

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